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Running an Octopush Club: Roles and Responsibilities

Also see "Starting Up An Octopush Club" and ""How to set up an Octopush club web site".

When playing this sport, no player - no matter how good - can hold their breath forever. Therefore it is essential to work as a team. As it is in the water, so is it out of the water.

Now that you have your club up and running, there are certain roles that must be undertaken and functions that must be performed in order for the club to keep running and expand. The following is a basic guideline to "who does what", and any contributions will be gratefully received.

Some example roles are:

Manager/Secretary Treasurer Coach Publicity Competitions Captain Web Site


Manager / Secretary



(assuming that the club has the luxury of having one player more experienced than the others...)

Publicity Manager

Competitions Manager


Web Site Manager

Over the part two years, the Internet has become a part of our everyday lives. Having a Web Site gives a club a presence on the Web, a noticeboard for its members and a source of reference for visitors and potential new recruits.

However, it is very important that the web site - once created - is kept up to date, as a web site that is out of date is worse than not having a web site at all



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