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The National Committee and National Squads Executive

For details of your nearest club, please consult either
your local Area Representative or the web site:
Octopush Central


National Committee

Position Holder email address Service
Chairman Tim Arnold chairman@britishoctopush.org
Vice Chairman - vacant - vicechair@britishoctopush.org
Secretary Sue Mitchell secretary@britishoctopush.org
Treasurer Tim Dey treasurer@britishoctopush.org
Membership Secretary Tim Dey membership@britishoctopush.org
Director of Coaching - vacant - coaching@britishoctopush.org
Development Officer - vacant - development@britishoctopush.org
Competitions Manager Mark Sullivan competitions@britishoctopush.org
National Referee Neil Dixon referee@britishoctopush.org
B.O.A. Representative to CMAS cmasrep@britishoctopush.org
Webmaster Martin Reed webmaster@britishoctopush.org
Junior/Youth Manager Chris Careless junioryouth@britishoctopush.org
National Records Officer - vacant - records@britishoctopush.org
Publications Manager &
Octopush News Editor
Alun Mitchell publications@britishoctopush.org
National Ladder Manager - vacant - natladder@britishoctopush.org
Welsh Regional Representative Colin Deller welsh@britishoctopush.org
Scottish Regional Representative Tim Dale scottish@britishoctopush.org


National Squads Executive   .

Position Holder email address
General Manager Perry Rich generalmanager@britishoctopush.org
Mens Elite Manager Dave Simpson mensmanager@britishoctopush.org
Womens Team Manager Terry Jackson womensmanager@britishoctopush.org
Mens Elite Coach Dave Simpson menselitecoach@britishoctopush.org
Womens Elite Coach - vacant - womenselitecoach@britishoctopush.org
Mens Masters Coach Dean Beha mensmasterscoach@britishoctopush.org
Mens Masters Manager Keith Dunkinson mensmastersmanager@britishoctopush.org
Womens Masters Coach Neil Dixon womensmasterscoach@britishoctopush.org


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