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European Underwater Hockey Championships 1999, Kranj, Slovenia

How to get to Kranj Olympic Swimming Pool

This picture shows the location of Slovenia within Europe and the location of Kranj within Slovenia. Slovenia's neighbouring countries are Austria to the North, Italy to the West, Hungary to the East and Croatia to the South. These road maps are for those coming by car; if coming by plane, the destination airport is Brnik International Airport, Ljubljana (international airport code LJU). Brnik is 5 km from Kranj.

Kranj in Europe

On the next map you can see the directions from which you can travel to Kranj. For all of you: get off the Highway on the KRANJ VZHOD exit, it's easier to find the Swimming pool. This is the second Kranj exit if you come from the north and the first if you come from the south. When you get off the highway on the Kranj Vzhod Exit, turn LEFT to Kranj.

Kranj region

So you turned left after the Highway exit and you are now driving towards Kranj. Just drive straight and you will pass the ROUND CROSSING (RONDO). Just go straight, in the direction of Kranj. Now you will see a red, yellow and green TRAFFIC LIGHT. Drive straight on . You must pass 5 (five) traffic signs like this (don't be confused that there are 6 on the maps - the extreme left in the first diagram and the extreme right in the second diagram are the same light)!

Kranj map 1

After you cross the BRIDGE over the Kokra river, and pass through the sixth (last) traffic sign, you will see a large WATER TOWER on your left. This is your sign to turn RIGHT. Then just drive straight and when all the houses end and there's just field in front of you, turn RIGHT and drive for approx. 200 meters and here you are!

Kranj map 2