Chesham TDC Dublin 2000: "We couldn't wait..." Ireland


Thursday 23rd - Monday 27th November 2000

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Our second visit to the spiritual home of the Touring and Drinking Club, once again with two teams, but this time with a whole host of new faces. Seven "old hands" and eight "first-timers" made up the gang for Dublin 2000, and what an eventful trip it was! With a Ryanair strike on the Friday affecting six of us, we almost suffered the same fate as Rochdale, whose ferry was cancelled on the day of the tournament itself, but after much rescheduling of flights fifteen of us lined up for the start of the tournament.

All in all I think we had a good time, although with one team having only two subs and the other having only one, we were always going to be hard-pressed to replicate our second and fourth positions of last year, and instead had to settle for fifth and sixth. However, as always, we were certainly the last ones partying . . .

Report by Carol, Meesh, Alien, Martin R and Jamie. Find it online at

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