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Away from home, deprived of your usual hockey session, and wondering what lies outside these hotel walls? Wonder no more . . . The following table gives an easy-to-use summary of every club session going on in Europe, arranged by region and club night.

Belgium Turnhout?            
France Cergy? Ermont?

Germany       Gießen3      
Hungary   Budapest?   Budapest?      
Ireland Dublin?       Dublin?    
Italy     Bologna2
  Bologna2   Bologna2
Netherlands BredaDL1+2 Vlaardingen2 BredaD1+2
Den Haag1
Slovenia   Ljubljana1     Ljubljana1   Ljubljana1


Please note that this page is very much in its infancy, so all additions and amendments to fill in the gaps will be gratefully received. Club gradings are nominal, mostly with thanks to the club organisers themselves, and are purely to give visiting players an idea of the standard of game they might expect to find at the club in question. I want them to be accurate, so please mail me if you disagree with any of the gradings. However, top-flight players should please note that they will always be made most welcome at the "lower grade" clubs, and that any expertise passed on to those clubs can only benefit the sport as a whole, in all of the countries in which it is played.


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The OWHAT club formerly trained at the Kursaal Swimming Pool, Turnhout on Mondays at 22.30-23.30, but has now folded.


Nr Paris

Pontoise-Cergy trains in Cergy on Monday nights at 20:30. Take the Paris Metro (RER A) to "Cergy Prefecture". The club also trains in Pontoise on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (see below).


Lille trains during the months of September to June on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20.00-22.30. Times for the summer months are different, and are to be advised.


ASPTT trains in the Rue Keller on Fridays at 20:00-21:30. Take the Paris Metro to "Charles-Michel". The club also trains in Pontoise on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays: see below.

Nr Paris

Pontoise-Cergy trains in Pontoise on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Each session starts at 20:30. Take the Paris Metro (RER A) to "Cergy Prefecture", and then take bus 442 to Pontoise. The club also trains in Cergy on Mondays (see above).


A.C. Sedan trains in Sedan on Wednesdays at 21:00-23:00, on Fridays at 20:00-23:00 and on Saturdays at 12:00-14:30. The club has a web site which is linked from Octopush Central.



The Gießen Underwater Hockey / Underwater Rugby Club maintains its own web site, which is linked from Octopush Central.



Egyszusz trains in Budapest on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00. It also has a web site, which is linked from Octopush Central.



Dublin trains at the St Vincent's Pool, Glasnevin Cemetary, on Mondays at 22.00-23.00. They also play at Kevin Street College (Dublin Institute of Technology) on Fridays at 19:30-21:30.



UISP Bologna trains in Bologna on different schedules during the summer and winter months. During the winter, the club trains on Wednesdays at 20.30-22.30, on Fridays at 20.30-22.00 and on Sundays at 09.00-10.30. During the summer, the club trains on Saturdays at 20.30-22.00, on Sundays at 09.00-10.30 and on Mondays at 20:00-22:00.


The Rome club trains at A.S. Racing Sporting Club, Via Avicenna 29 in Rome on Wednesdays at 21.30-22.30. The pool is located parallel to Viale Marconi and near Piazza Enrico Fermi and can be contacted on +39 06 / 55 92 238 (note that the "06" must be dialled even if you are in Rome, and the leading zero is not dropped if you are calling from outside Italy). All visitors and new players are welcome, 18 up.



O.V.Amsterdam trains in the Sloterparkbad in Sloten in North-West Amsterdam on Fridays at 21.30-22.30, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 07.00-08.00.


Argonauta trains at "De Wisselslag" in the north of Breda on Mondays at 21.00-22.30. The pool is situated at Petegemstraat 70, 4826 CK in Breda (tel: +31 (76) 5870952).
Argonauta also trains at Sportfondsebad in the Vierwindestraat in Breda on Wednesdays at 21.45-23.00, and on Saturdays at 16.00-18.00.


G.O.V. trains at the Sportbad in Bussum Zuid on Wednesdays at 21.30-22.30 and on Saturdays at 17.00-18.00. The pool can be contacted on +31 (35) 693-3554. Take a Hilversum train from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Bussum Zuid; the pool is only a five-minute walk away.
From Amsterdam Centraal Station, take a Hilversum train, making sure that it stops at Bussum Zuid. At the time of writing the best train to get leaves at 20.47 from platform 10b, but you can also take an Amersfoort via Hilversum train, get off at Naarden Bussum and take a taxi to the Sportbad. The journey takes about twenty minutes, and note that Amsterdam Strippenkaarten are not valid for these journeys.
At Bussum Zuid station, turn right out of the train and walk back along the platform until you come almost to the end. A small path leads directly off the end of the platform; walk down this path (which becomes a road) until you come to a T-junction. Turn left and then right and you will see the pool.


Baracuda trains in Delft on Sundays at 21.00-22.00.

Den Haag

Baracuda trains at Zwembad Overbosch, Vlaskamp 3, 2592 AA Den Haag ('s-gravenhage) on Fridays at 20.00-21.00.
From Amsterdam, take the A4 road to Leiden. At 'Leidschendam' you will see the directions for 'Den Haag'. Follow these directions. Then before you get into the Hague you will be driving into a 'concrete bucket' (you cannot miss it) take the second way out; at the crossing turn left; then turn right and turn right again (you will be driving around a construction site). Then follow the road, you will pass several small crossings and a crossing with traffic lights but go straight on. Then you 'll see the swimming pool on the right-hand side; the car park is immediately in front of the pool.


Heiduikers trains at the "De Peppel" swimming pool in Ede on Wednesdays at ??.??-??.?? and on Sundays at 10:00-10:30.


Astacus trains in Stein on Thursdays at 20.00-21.00 and in Maastricht on Saturdays at 17.30-18.30.


Barramoenda trains in Rijkswijk on Wednesdays at 20.30-22.00.


Vlaardingse Reddings Brigade trains on Fridays at 20:00-21:00.


Volendam trains at the Zwemmbad on the edge of Volendam on Thursdays at 21.30-22.30. Take the Edam bus (112) from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Volenham Sporthall; the pool is only a two-minute walk away.
Facing out of Amsterdam Centraal Station, you will see the trams in front of you. Walk left (east) to the far reaches of the station, where you will see a group of bus stops. The correct stop is the one marked 112 to Edam, and at the time of writing the right bus leaves at 20.50. The journey takes about half an hour, and National Strippenkaarts may be used.
The bus will take you into the town of Volendam and back out again. Get off at the bus stop by the Sporthall and walk straight on until you come to a T-junction. Turn left and then right and you will see the pool.



PH Kranj trains at the Olympic Pool in Kranj on Mondays at 20:30, Wednesdays at 20:30 and on Sundays at 18:00 to 20:00. It also has a web site, which is linked from Octopush Central.


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