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Out of state, deprived of your usual hockey session, and wondering what lies outside these hotel walls? Wonder no more . . . The following table gives an easy-to-use summary of every club session going on in North America and Hawaii, arranged by region and club night. All contributions welcome!


Canada - AB

Edmonton?     Edmonton?      

Canada - BC

  Vancouver? Vancouver? 
Vancouver? Vancouver?
  Campbell River?
Canada - ON Ottawa? London? Guelph?
London? Kincardine? Ottawa? Guelph1

 Canada - QC

Montreal? Montreal? Montreal? Montreal? Montreal?    

 Canada - SK

  Saskatoon?   Saskatoon?      
USA - CA San Diego1 San DiegoB
San Jose?
Santa Rosa?
San Diego? Los Angeles?
San Diego1
San Jose?
Santa Rosa?
  La Jolla?
San Diego1
USA - CO     Denver?   CSU?   Denver?
USA - FL West Palm Beach?     West Palm Beach?   West Palm Beach?  
USA - HI Honolulu?   Honolulu?        
USA - IL       Chicago?
WIU?   Chicago?
USA - MI   Jackson?          
USA - MN St. Paul?   St. Paul?        
USA - OH       Columbus?     Columbus?
USA - SC   Charleston2B     Charleston3    
USA - TX Dallas?     Dallas? Arlington?    
USA - VA   Blacksburg?   Blacksburg?     Blacksburg?
USA - WA              
USA - WI McFarland?            


Please note that this page is very much in its infancy, so all additions and amendments to fill in the gaps will be gratefully received. Club gradings are nominal, mostly with thanks to the club organisers themselves, and are purely to give visiting players an idea of the standard of game they might expect to find at the club in question. I want them to be accurate, so please mail me if you disagree with any of the gradings. However, top-flight players should please note that they will always be made most welcome at the "lower grade" clubs, and that any expertise passed on to those clubs can only benefit the sport as a whole, in all of the countries in which it is played.

Canada: for all contact details, see Octopush Central



The Edmonton Octopushers play on Monday and Thursday at 19.30-20.30 at the Coronation Pool in Edmonton.

British Columbia

Campbell River

Sunday nights at 18.30-19.30. Cost is $5.



Sunday nights at 18.30-19.30. Cost is $5.


U.S.A.: for all contact details, see Octopush Central


La Jolla

See San Diego.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles group trains on Tuesdays at 20:45-21:40 at South Gate Swim Stadium, South Gate Park, 9520 Hildreth Avenue, South Gate, between Imperial Hwy & Firestone Blvd, just south of Atlantic Ave.
San Diego We play Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:10 until 9:30 PM, at the Fitness Advantage at the Plunge, 3110 Mission Blvd. in Mission Beach. Tuesdays are beginner or novice nights, and Wednesdays are Skills nights, where we practice team skills and drills. Mondays and Thursdays are advanced nights. Beginners and novices are not encouraged to play, unless they have played a sufficient amount of Tuesday night sessions to feel comfortable enough to play on these nights.

We also play on Saturday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00 PM at the Plunge, on the second and fourth Saturday of the month (as of this writing, it may become every Saturday, except the first Saturday of the month).

We also play at a different pool, the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center (JCC), located at 4138 Executive Drive, in La Jolla, on the first Saturday of the month, from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.

Our club meetings are held every month, generally on the first Saturday of the month, at a member’s home. It starts at 7 PM, and the club buys the food and drinks.

After Plunge pool sessions, we usually go to Coaster’s Saloon, to relax and talk about the session, as well as other fun and interesting topics. After the JCC sessions, we head over to La Salsa, a mexican outdoor restaurant to eat and drink after hockey.

Beginners are free for the first time, and the fees are $4 per session thereafter. Club membership is only $10 per year and the club play fees are only $3 per session. Membership entitles you to get a club bumper sticker and a newsletter and a 10% discount at Sport Chalet for dive gear, along with the reduced play fees.

Points of contact are:

Tom Marosz; President,
Jeff Feldbaum, Vice-President,
Mark Nakamura; Secretary/Treasurer,

Our local SDUHC telephone hotline is (619) 453-1UWH or (619) 453-1894; call for latest play schedule information, or to leave a message for the club officers.

San Jose

The Club Puck team trains on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the San Jose State University Aquatic Center on 8th Street from 19.30-22.00. They also train on various Sundays at 10.00-13.00.

Santa Rosa

The Rasta Sharks train on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 20.00-21.30 at the Santa Rosa pool.



Monday and Wednesday nights at 19:30-20:30 at the Manoa Duke Kahanamoku pool at the University of Hawaii.



The Chicago club trains at the Downers Grove pool at Midwestern University on Thursday nights at 20:30 and Sunday nights at 18:00.

South Carolina


The Charleston Blockade Runners train at the St Andrews Recreational Center, 1642 Sam Rittenburg Highway, Charleston on Tuesdays at 18.30-20.30 and on Fridays at 18.00-19.30.


Dallas/Fort Worth

The Dallas Fort Worth Puck Pirates train in Burleson, just south of Fort Worth, on Mondays at 20.00 and on Wednesdays at 20:30. Cost for each session is $3.00.
The club also trains at Tarrant County College in Arlington on Thursdays at 19:30. Cost for this session is $5 or $37 for 10 weeks. 


The Houston team trains in Sugarland, south-west of Houston on Mondays, and also possibly on Saturdays.



The Seahammers train at Western Washington University Pool, Carver Gym on Thursdays at 20.00-23.00 (yes, three hours) and on Sundays at 10.00-12.00. Contact James or Beth on +1 (360) 733 6069.


The Seahammers train at Hazen High School Pool in Renton on Fridays at 20.00-22.00 and at Seattle University Pool on 14th and Cherry on Saturdays at 11.00-13.00. Contact Vickie Gezon on +1 (206) 725-0478.
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