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Octopush / Underwater Hockey in Africa
Updated 8th December 2018.

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EG Egypt
Maadi, Cairo Please contact MK Khazragui
0106 883 5345 / 02 2705 8555


KE Kenya
Underwater Hockey Kenya  Facebook Page  fb http://www.facebook.com/uwhkenya
  Newsgroup  fb http://www.facebook.com/groups/uwhkenya


NA Namibia
Please contact

Philipp Sonntag



RW Rwanda
Rwanda Underwater Hockey Club  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/Rwanda-Underwater-Hockey-Club-615760705129773
  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/rwanda_underwater_hockey


ZA South Africa
  South Africa Elite Ladies UWH  fb Page:  www.facebook.com/saeliteuwh
ZA UWH mailing list: sa-uwh@sunsite.wits.ac.za
Border Undersea Club: http://compusysnt.compusys.iafrica.com/buc/buc.htm - site down?
University of Pretoria Underwatersport Club: http://www.up.ac.za/asservices/sport/sbunder.html - down?
Rhodes Uni. Underwater Club, Grahamstown: http://www.ru.ac.za/sport/underwater/uwhockey.htm
SAUU Underwater Hockey: http://mako.upe.ac.za/uwh/SAUUUWH.HTM - site down?
Stellenbosch University - Maties - http://www.sun.ac.za/local/campus/sport/uwsc/water.htm - defunct. Club folded?
Gauteng: http://sunsite.wits.ac.za/sports/tuu/tuha/tuha.htm
Transvaal Underwater Research Group (TURG): http://sunsite.wits.ac.za/sports/tuu/turg/turg-uwh.htm
Wits Underwater Club, Jo'burg: http://sunsite.wits.ac.za/wits/clubs/underwater/uhockey/uhockey.htm
Interclubs '98 web site on Donald Orbin's Home Page, Natal: http://www.geocities.com/Pipeline/1080/
Wayne Van Der Merwe's "Home on the WWW": http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Marina/7106/


TZ Tanzania
Dar es Salaam  Dar Underwater Hockey Club  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/daruwhclub


ZW Zimbabwe
Harare Please contact

Glenn Partington


World Championships 1996, Durban, South Africa: http://sunsite.wits.ac.za/sports/uwh/worlds.htm - report c/o Wits, South Africa

"Hockeynet" World Mailing List (newsgroup): underwater-hockey-subscribe@topica.com

European Fixtures - please contribute . . .

Underwater Hockey Tourist The Underwater Hockey Tourist: http://www.pucku.org/uwht/
Chris (sea_dragons@mac.com) needs World country page administrators

The world governing body: http://www.cmas2000.org

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