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Octopush / Underwater Hockey in North America

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Page updated 15th July 2019.

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CA Canada
Canadian Underwater
Games Association
Website  web www.cuga.org
Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/cuga.org
Historical Grp  groups.yahoo.com/groups/uwhcanada
Team Canada    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UWHCanada
National Development Team Program    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/CanadianWomensUWH
Canadian Women's Elite    Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwhcanwomenelite
Canadian Men's Masters    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/140591999372561
  Historical Grp  CDN_UWH_Masters@topica.com
Canadian Men's Under-19    Website  web www.u19muwhteamcanada2019.ca
Canadian Women's Under-23    Website  web uwhehteam.yolasite.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhehteam
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/u23teamcanada_uwh
Canadian Women's Under-19    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/U19Women
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/u19teamcanada_uwh
AB - Alberta
Calgary  Calgary UWH Club  Website  web www.calgaryunderwater.ca
    email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/521496297876255
Edmonton  Edmonton UWH  Website  web edmuwh.club
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/edmontonunderwaterhockey
BC - British Colombia 
Vancouver  Rumblefish  Website  web www.rumblefishclub.com
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/rumblefishclub
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/rumblefish.com
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/rumblefish_uwh
  Thunderducks  Website  web uwhockey.weebly.com
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/VancouverUWH
  UBC (University of British Colombia) Alma Mater Society UWH: link (too long to fit on page)
Victoria  UWH Victoria  Website  web www.underwaterhockeyvictoria.ca
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UnderwaterHockeyVictoriaBC
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhockey.victoria
NT - Northwest Territories 
Yellowknife  Yellowknife UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ykuwh
ON - Ontario 
Brampton  Brampton UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/bramptonUWH
Brantford  Liberation UWRugby  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/groups/481262371927395
Cambridge  Cambridge UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/873450819436795
Cornwall  Cornwall UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/12202430554
Guelph  Guelph UWH  Website  web guelph-uwh.tripod.com
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/2329417663
Hamilton  York Sub-Aqua /  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/340571909331423
  Hamilton Hunters  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/hamilton_uwh
Kincardine  Kincardine UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/KincardineUnderwaterHockey
Kincardine Pool Sharks: http://www.hurontel.on.ca/~fleming/
Kincardine Roughbottoms:
Contact Terry Brown,trbrown@swbi.com
Guelph  Guelph UWH  Website  web guelph-uwh.tripod.com
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/2329417663
London  London Dolphins  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/londondolphinsUWH
Ottawa  Gatineau-Ottawa    see "QC Quebec - Gatineau"
  Ottawa Metro Central  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/128632527239813
Saulte Ste Marie  Soo Tridents  Website  web www.sootridents.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/sault.tridents
  Lake State Lakers  Website  web www.angelfire.com/oh2/NOSIGNALSRACING
Thunder Bay  Thunder Bay UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/1441592876058951
Timmins  Timmins U/W Sports  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/167449273834796
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/timminsunderwatersportclub
Toronto  UWH Toronto  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhtoronto
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwhtoronto
Waterloo  Waterloo Whitetips  Website  web www.treheima.ca/uwh/index.htm
  email  email  Neil Peterson:
  Telephone  phone Neil Peterson: +1 (519) 883-8588
QC - Quebec
Gatineau  Gatineau-Ottawa  Website  web www.uwh.ca
  Alternate Addr.  web www.go-hsa.ca
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/GOUnderwaterHockey
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/92940400802
Montreal  CAMO Hockey Sub  Website  web camo-sous-marin.com - site down?
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/CAMOhockeysousmarin
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/310207872348080
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/camo.underwater
Quebec City  Hockey Sub Québec  Website  web www.hsq.ca
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/clubhockeysubaquatiquequebec
Rimouski  HS Rimouski  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HSMriki
Article about Underwater Hockey on the FQAS website (in French): fqas.qc.ca/en/activites/hockey-subaquatique/
SK - Saskatchewan
Saskatoon  Saskatoon Website  web www.saskatoon-seals.appspot.com/u-hockey
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SSUWH
  email  email
  Telephone  phone General: +1 (306) 954-4639
  Telephone  phone Jacques Toupin: +1 (306) 931-4627
  Telephone  phone Ales Ursic: +1 (306) 281-5383
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/saskatoonseals_uwh
YU - Yukon
Whitehorse  Whitehorse Loonies  Website  web www.yukondiver.com/hockey.htm
  Telephone  phone Larry: +1 (867) 633-4734


Caribbean - see "West Indies" on this page


MX Mexico
Underwater Hockey Mexico  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhmexico


US United States of America
Underwater Society of America  Website  web www.underwater-society.org
USA Underwater Hockey  Website  web www.underwater-society.org
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/USA.UWH
USA Men's Elite    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/551674305284562
USA Women's Elite    Website  fb www.teamusawomenuwh.com
  email  email
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/USAUWHwomen
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/usawomenuwh
USA Women's Masters    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/USAMWUWH
Uncle Terry's Club Fred: http://home.earthlink.net/~clubfred/
Harry Hsiung's Home Page: http://www.underwater-society.org/usuwh/index.html
Stephen Hack's "UWH Central": http://uwhockey.org - wonder where he got that name from!
The official site of U.S. Nationals 2003: http://www.underwaterhockey.com/tournament_june_2003.html
The 2000 Pacific Coast Championships: http://www.uwhockey.bc.ca/UWHBC/pccs.html
The official site of U.S. Nationals 2000: http://www.geocities.com/artvdb/
AZ - Arizona
Phoenix  Phoenix UWH  Website  web http://www.phxuwh.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/PhoenixUnderwaterHockey
CA - California
Costa Mesa  Orange County Octopush  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OCOctopush
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/ococtopush
Los Angeles  LA Krakens  Website  web http://www.lauwh.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/lakraken
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/lauwh
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/LAKraken1 
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/la.kraken
  Meetup  meetup www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Underwater-Hockey-Club
Orland  NorCal UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/NorcalUWH
  email  email
Telephone  phone Brad: +1 (530) 321-4825
San Diego  San Diego UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/sduhc
  Meetup  meetup www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Underwater-Hockey-Meetup
San Francisco  Sea Lions  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/sfuwh
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/sfuwh
San Jose  Club Puck Website  web http://www.clubpuck.us
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/cpuwh
  email  email
Telephone  phone +1 (510) 499-8673
  Yahoo Group  groups.yahoo.com/groups/clubpuck
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/560228957358467
  Alt.Website  web http://www.playunderwaterhockey.com
  Alt.email  email
Santa Rosa  Rasta Sharks    Brian Tucker, hypoxic@pacbell.net
Sebastopol  Sebastopol Sharks  Website  web http://www.suwh.us
Vacaville  Vacaville UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/VVUWH
CO - Colorado
Colorado Underwater Hockey  Website  web www.uwhockey.org/colorado
Stephen Hack, csu@uwhockey.org
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ColoradoUnderwaterHockey
Denver Rocky Mountain Oysters: http://www.mines.edu/~cdebrunn/personal/uwh.html
CT - Connecticut
Connecticut UWH: http://members.tripod.com/jls_website/ct_uwh/
DC - Washington D.C.
Beltway Bottom Feeders: http://www.underwaterhockey.com
Contact David Sun, dsun@davidsun.com
Mailing list UwH-DC-@yahoogroups.com
DE - Delaware
Wilmington  Greater Philadelphia  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/greaterphillyuwh
FL - Florida
Miami UWH, Coconut Grove: http://www.uwhockey.com/
Gainesville  University of Florida  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/2201174015
Key Largo  Florida Keys UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/FloridaKeysUWH
Orlando  Orlando UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/198803473471154
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwhorlando 
Palm Beach: http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-pbuh
Contact David Andrews, snook01@bellsouth.net
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/46332129502
Championship of the Universe, Key Largo  Website  web www.championshipoftheuniverse.com
GA - Georgia
Atlanta  Atlanta Swordfish  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/swordfishuwh
HI - Hawaii
Honolulu Contact: Jerard "Ziggy" Jardin, ziggy@soest.hawaii.edu
IL - Illinois
Chicago  Chicago UWH  Website  web chicagouwh.com - Note: no "www" prefix
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ChicagoUWH
email  email
  Meetup  meetup www.meetup.com/ChicagoUWH
  Newsgroup  midwest_uwh-subscribe@topica.com
Urbana-Champaign  Illinois UWH  Website  web www.illinoisuwh.tumblr.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/illinoisuwh
email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/illinoisuwh
Western Illinois University SCUBA Club: http://www.ECNet.Net/users/miscuba/ - site disappeared
Stephen Hack's Underwater Hockey Page: http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~shack/uwhockey/ - defunct?
MA - Massachusetts
Cape Cod UWH/UWR: http://hometown.aol.com/capecoduwh/capecoduwh.html
Cambridge  MIT Underwater Hockey  Website  web www.mit.edu/uwh
  Older Site  web web.mit.edu/scuba-club/www/uwh
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/MITUnderwaterHockey
email  email
  Newsgroup  uwh@mit.edu
MD - Maryland
Columbia Contact: Tom Treakle, ttreakle@ship.saic.com
MI - Michigan
East Lansing  MSU UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/MsuUnderwaterHockey
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/111576822234853
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/msu_uwh
Marquette  Marquette Aquamen  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/nmuuwh
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/nmu_uw_hockey_rugby
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/underwaterhockeyand
MN - Minnesota
Minneapolis  Minnesota Loons  Website  web www.mnuwh.com - site down?
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/180112398724332
  Meetup  meetup www.meetup.com/Minnesota-Underwater-Hockey
NJ - New Jersey
Neptune: Please contact Mari Richter Maririchter1@aol.com (30Nov04)
OH - Ohio
Cincinnati Roger Bacon High School  Website  web www.rogerbacon.org/students-parents/
  email  email Paul Wittekind:
Youngstown Contact: Todd, toys4todd@aol.com
OR - Oregon
Oregon Underwater Hockey  Website  web oregonunderwaterhockey.wordpress.com
Corvallis Corvallis Narwhals  Website  web www.narwhalsunderwaterhockey.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OregonUWH
  Telephone  phone +1 541-766-7946
  Meetup  meetup www.meetup.com/Corvallis-Underwater-Hockey
Portland Portland UWH  Meetup  meetup www.meetup.com/Portland-Underwater-Hockey
PA - Pennsylvania 
Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh UWH  Website  web www.underwaterhockeypgh.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/pghuwh
SC - South Carolina
Charleston  Charleston UWH  Website  web www.charlestonuwh.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/CharlestonUnderwaterHockey
  email  email
TX - Texas
Underwater Team Arlington: http://www.uta.edu/student_orgs/underwater/index.html - site dead, no team
Austin  Austin UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Austin-Underwater
- site dead?
  Underwater Longhorns  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/underwater.longhorns
Dallas/Fort Worth Bottom Dwellers: http://www.geocities.com/dfwbottomdwellers/
Dallas/Fort Worth: info c/o Stephen Hack: http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~shack/uwhockey/#Dallas
Contact Brady Watkins,email
Contact Kevin Barnes,k.barnes@bigfoot.com
VA - Virginia
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg: http://fbox.vt.edu/org/uwhockey/Index.html
Captain Daniel Graves,dgraves@vt.edu
Newsgroup hockey@listserv.vt.edu
Fairfax  George Mason University  Website  web www.gmu.edu/org/uwhockey
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/20421297456
WA - Washington State
Bellingham  UWH Bellingham  email  email  Lincoln Farabee:
Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/267009517051384
Seattle  Seattle Seahammers  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/seattleuwh
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/seahammers
Harry Hsiung's Home Page: http://www.underwater-society.org/usuwh/index.html
WI - Wisconsin
Brown Deer  Milwaukee Manatees  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/MKEUWH
email  email
Telephone  phone +1 630-345-0491
Four Lakes SCUBA Club: http://danenet.wicip.org/4lkscuba/hockey.html
Championship of the Universe, Key Largo, FL  Website  web www.championshipoftheuniverse.com


West Indies

FR Saint Barthélemy

Saint Jean  Hockey Sub St Barth  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Hockey-sub-SBH-566367280198316
email  email

"Hockeynet" World Mailing List (newsgroup): underwater-hockey-subscribe@topica.com

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Underwater Hockey TouristThe Underwater Hockey Tourist: http://www.pucku.org/uwht/
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The world governing body: http://www.cmas.org

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