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Octopush / Underwater Hockey in the United Kingdom

East of England  -  East Midlands  -  London  -  North East  -  North West  -  South East  -  South West

West Midlands  -  Yorkshire and the Humber  -  Scotland  -  Wales  -  Channel Islands

Updated 20th March 2020.

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B.O.A. logo The Governing Body
of Underwater Hockey
in the United Kingdom

  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/gbuwh
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/gbuwh
Team GB Underwater Hockey    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/TeamGBUWH
GB Open Masters    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/gbomuwh
GB Ladies Masters    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/676646862425408
GB Men Under-24    Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/gbuwh_u24m
GB Ladies Under-24    Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/gbuwh_u24w
GB Ladies Under-19    Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/gbuwh_u19w
GB Referees Group    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/303023423846979
GB Referee Courses    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhrefscourses
British Universities UWH    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/2228927000

England - Scotland - Wales - Channel Islands

All contributions & updates gratefully received. Please help to keep these pages informative & up to date


East of England
Dunstable  Dunstable UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=11
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/463433050485035
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/DunstableUWH
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/dunstableuwh
Sawston  Sawston Piranhas  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=30
  email  email Ben Easthope:
  Telephone  phone Ben Easthope: +44 7703 633 164
  email  email David Williams:
  Telephone  phone David Williams: +44 7891 474 235
Chelmsford  Chelmsford Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=63
  Telephone  phone Andy Patten: +44 7921 176 105
St. Albans  St. Albans  Website  web www.stalbansunderwaterhockey.co.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=29
  email  email Kevin Holland:
  Telephone  phone Kevin Holland: +44 7811 398 361
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/23246204874
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/stalbansUWH
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/stalbansuwh
  Old Group  groups.yahoo.com/groups/stalbansuwh
Great Yarmouth  Great Yarmouth UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=23
  Telephone  phone Alwyn Davies: +44 7768 847 187
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/underwaterhockey
Ipswich  Ipswich Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=1
  Telephone  phone Ken Kirby: +44 7803 610 595


East Midlands
Midlands Octopush Community  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/431837267021244
Leicester  Leicester University  No current contact 
Northampton  Northampton UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=22
  Telephone  phone Bruno Amalfitano: +44 7798 734 029
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/183307951713881
Mansfield Mansfield UWH BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=90
  Telephone  phone John Wall: +44 7841 662 172
  Telephone  phone Stephen Broughton: +44 7775 635 763
Nottingham  Nottingham Octopush  Website  web www.nottinghamoctopush.co.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=129
  Telephone  phone Nathaniel Sharp: +44 7962 232 890
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/115130990119


London League of Underwater Hockey  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/LondonLeagueUWH
Croydon Croydon Octopush   Jason Glass, 01883 723389
Greenford  West London UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=4
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/WestLondonUWH (public)
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/191316954608972 (members only)
Islington  Islington UWH  Website  web islingtonuwh.github.io
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=17
  email  email Nia:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/1622838531314778
Morden  Octopushy UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=81
  Telephone  phone Adrian: +44 7768 052 700
Putney  Putney  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=74 - page blank
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/putneyunderwaterhockey
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/127958043885767
West Wickham  West Wickham UWH  Website  web www.westwickhamuwh.com
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=39
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/westwickhamuwh
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/westwickhamuwh
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/wwuwh


North East
Tyne & Wear
Durham  Website  web nemoctopush.wordpress.com
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=46
  NEM-OC: North East  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/NEMOC.org.uk
  Millennium Octopush  email  email
Newcastle  Website  web nemoctopush.wordpress.com
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=46
  NEM-OC: North East  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/NEMOC.org.uk
  Millennium Octopush  email  email
Sunderland  Neros: North East  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=79
  Regional Octopush  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/110248426287933
  email  email  Ray Edwards:
  email  email  Dave Wright:
  Telephone  phone Dave Wright: +44 7766 696 130


North West
Greater Manchester
Manchester  Manchester UWH  Website  web www.manchesterdiving.org.uk/octopush
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=20
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ManchesterDiving
  Telephone  phone +44 161 881 9050
  MDG Octopush  Website  web www.manchesterdiving.org.uk/octopush
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=20
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ManchesterDiving
  Telephone  phone +44 161 881 9050
  Xarifa  Website  web www.xuwh.org.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=2
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/xarifauwh
  Telephone  phone Phil Thompson: +44 7971 157 970
Rochdale  Rochdale UWH  Website  web www.rochdaleonline.co.uk/sites/rochdale-underwater-hockey-club
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=28
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/rochdaleunderwaterhockeyclub
  email  email  Mick Hyde:
  Telephone  phone Mick Hyde: +44 1706 646988
  Rochdale Juniors  Website  web www.rochdaleonline.co.uk/sites/rochdale-underwater-hockey-club
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=28
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/rochdaleunderwaterhockeyclub
  email  email Barrie Whitehead:
  Telephone  phone Barrie Whitehead: +44 1706 373967
Sale  Sale Seals (defunct)  Website  web www.geocities.ws/Pipeline/Cliff/9218
Trafford  Trafford Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=38
  Telephone  phone Andy Knight: +44 7968 877 004
Lancaster  Lancaster University  Website  web lancastersu.co.uk/groups/underwater-hockey
  Website  web luoctopush.wixsite.com/lancasterunioctopush
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=147
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/LUUnderwaterHockey
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/LU_Water_Hockey
  Instagram  ig www.instagram.com/lu_underwater_hockey
Liverpool  Liverpool University  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=45
  email  email Damien McNulty:
  Telephone  phone Damien McNulty: +44 7754 884 296
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/224693427610244
  Xaverian Divers  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=44 - page blank
Ormskirk  Southport  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=32
  email  email


South East
Caversham Website  web www.octopush.net
BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=54
  email  email
  Telephone  phone Roy Wood: +44 7884 257 247
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/299202046772246
Reading  Reading UWH  Website  web www.readinguwh.org
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=43
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/113106142132126
  Reading University - No current contact 
Chesham  Chesham Website  web Formerly www.reedconsulting.com/chesham - club now defunct
  email  email Martin Reed:
  Telephone  phone Martin Reed: +41 76 226 34 33
  C.T.D.C. Website  web www.reedconsulting.com/ctdc - Informal UWH touring team, currently on hold
  email  email Martin Reed:
  Telephone  phone Martin Reed: +41 76 226 34 33
Isle of Wight  IoW Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=16
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/IsleOfWightOctopush
  email  email Phil Hagen: 
New Forest  TAROT  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=58
  email  email
  Newsgroup  groups.yahoo.com/groups/tarot_octopush
Portsmouth  Portsmouth Octopush  Website  web www.pompeyocto.co.uk - site down
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=27
  Portsmouth University  Website  web www.upsu.net/club_page.asp?cug=47 - link broken
  Alt.Website  web www.pompeyocto.co.uk - site down
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=172 - page blank
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UPSUOctopushClub
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/pompeyocto
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/pompey_octopush
Southsea  Southsea Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=33
  Dave Bailey (Captain), ockydave@aol.com, 023 9261 8193
  Southsea Juniors  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=33
  Telephone  phone Rob: +44 7776 117 015
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/135109866535863
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/244904615611546
Southampton  Totton Octopush  Website  web tottonoctopushclub.blogspot.com
  Totton BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=37
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/TottonOctopushClub
  email  email
  Telephone  phone Tony Stepin: +44 7717 577 398
Guildford  Guildford UWH  Website  web www.guwh.co.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=41
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/GuildfordUWH
  email  email
  Newsgroup   groups.google.com/group/guwhmailinglist
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/GuildfordUWH
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/GuildfordUWH
Sussex (West and East)
Crawley  Sussex UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=9
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SussexUWH
  email  email Tim May:
Felpham  Sussex UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=9
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SussexUWH
  email  email Tim May:


South West
South West UWH League  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Southwest-UWH-League-173156466706281
Bristol  Bristol BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=53
  email  email Lawrence:
  Telephone  phone Lawrence: +44 7989 234 853
  Telephone  phone Kieran: +44 7810 367 641
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/206986022702879
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/BristolOctopush
Falmouth: http://www.beehive.thisiscornwall.co.uk then look for Sports, Falmouth Octopush Club
Falmouth  Falmouth UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=76 - page blank
Eric Lafrogne, eric@lafrogne.freeserve.co.uk
H:01326 311681, H:01326 319556, M:07796 764737
  FXU University  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=153
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/179163765541644
Plymouth  Plymouth UWH (PUHC)  Website  web www.puhc.co.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=88
  email  email Edward Mitchell:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/277056959047136
  PUHC Juniors  email  email John Mitchell:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/145692162166304
  Plymouth University  Website  web www.upsu.com/sports/clubs/underwaterhockey
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=171
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/octopush
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/plymouthoctopush
Dawlish  TSW  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=36
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/179238318788806
  email  email Martin Cox:
  Telephone  phone Martin Cox: +44 7747 000 755
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/tsw_uwh
Exeter  FXU University  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=153
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/179163765541644
Kingsbridge  Kingsbridge Krays  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=89
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/382626995090182
  Ant Gilles, maltesefalcon@antgilles.fsnet.co.uk
  H:01803 865397, W:01803 299131
Totnes Totnes Torpedoes Trevor Whitbread, 01626 356684
Bournemouth (formerly Wessex): http://www.ecc-limited.com/Wessex.htm
  Peter Hornby, peter.hornby@chase.com,
H:01202 534830, W:01202 343631
Paul Smith, paulsmith@iname.com
Mark Wildey, mark@ecc-limited.com, 07973 343283
Tewkesbury  Tewkesbury-Cheltenham  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=70
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/tewksandcheltoctopush
Melksham  Wiltshire Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=123


West Midlands
Midlands Octopush Community  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/431837267021244
Stoke on Trent  Stoke Free Octopush BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=34
  Bob Lee, bob.lee@v-sed.co.uk, 01782 776773
Stuart Claughton, stuart.claughton@ic24.net, 01782 623983
Coventry Triads: http://www.doug-rae.webspace.virginmedia.com
Coventry  Coventry Triads  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=56
Tony Gearan H:01926 813951
W:01926 812355
* Webmaster Doug Rae email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/134720729964360
Warwick  Warwick University  Website  web www.wusac.co.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=80
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/wusac
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/310161182378038


Yorkshire and the Humber
Yorkshire Underwater Hockey  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Yorkshire-Underwater-Hockey-Club-2047948515283724
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/yorkshire_uwh 
Yorkshire Ladies  Janice Blackburn, j.b.blackburn@talk21.com, 01484 720625
Jo Pitchforth, j.pitchforth@ntlworld.com, 01924 502716
North Yorkshire
York  University of York Website  web www.yorkoctopush.org.uk
  Website  web www.yusu.org/groups/octopush-1044
  BOA Page  web https://www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=99
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uoyoctopush
  email  email
  Alt.email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uoyoctopush
Skipton  Skipton UWH BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=166 - link broken
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/skiptonUWH
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/2017885275156913
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/skipton_uwh
South Yorkshire
Barnsley  Metrodome Barracudas  Malcolm Johnson, metrodome.barracudas@btinternet.com
  01226 730060
Sheffield  Sheffield Stingrays Website  web www.chrissheff.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk - link broken
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=31
  email  email Chris Careless:
  Telephone  phone Chris Careless: +44 114 281 8018‬
Sheffield University: no current contact
West Yorkshire
Batley  Batley Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=3
  email  email
  Batley Barracudas  Website  web www.batley-barracudas.co.uk - site down
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/218677308165402
Bradford  Bradford University  No current contact 
Dewsbury  Dewsbury UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=10
  email  email Haydn Pitchforth:
  Telephone  phone Haydn Pitchforth: +44 7771 971 136‬
Halifax  Halifax UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=77
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/343615802336591
Leeds  Leeds Beavers  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=18
  email  email Richard Adams:
  email  email Nick Malleson:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/170371743161666


Scottish UWH Association  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/11671291361
  Instagram  ig www.instagram.com/scottishuwh
  Scottish Ladies    Libby Dale, libbyporteous@hotmail.com, 0131 669 2609
  Caledonia UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/221642861327366
Aberdeen  Reef Rats BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=6
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/240463979343781
  Aberdeen University BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=110
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/AbdnUWH
Dundee  Dundee UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=114
  email  email
Edinburgh  Edinburgh UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=5
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/EdinburghUWH
  email  email Gordon Briglmen: 
  Telephone  phone Gordon Briglmen: +44 7760 665 532‬
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/136211239845112
  Edinburgh Uni Hippos  Website  web www.eusac.co.uk/octopush.html
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=118
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/edinburghuniuwh
  email  email
  email  email
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/205814892920914
Glasgow  Glasgow UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=13
  email  email Emily Callen: 
  email  email Sarah Evans: 
  Glasgow Kingfishers  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=142 - page blank
Inverness  Inverness Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=15
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/invernessoctopushclub
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/invernessuwh
Merchiston John White?, c/o t_d_dale@hotmail.com, 0131 669 2609
Oban  Obangers  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=119
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ObanUnderwaterHockeyClub
  email  email
Orkney  Orkney Octopush  Website  web orkneyoctopush.tripod.com
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=24
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OrkneyOC
  email  email
  Bebo  www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MID=367137231&MemberId=4075932433
  "Nothing to see here"
  Orkney Juniors  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=159 - page blank
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/oocjuniors
Shetland   Arthur Robinson, jarthur@wadbister.shetland.co.uk
John Morrison, j.morrison5@ntlworld.com
St Andrews  St Andrews University  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=117 - page blank
Stirling  Stirling University  Website  web www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/universityofstirling-underwaterhockey
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=78
  email  email
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/stirlinguniuwh
  Instagram  ig www.instagram.com/stirlinguniuwh


Hoci Tanddwr Cymreig
Underwater Hockey Wales
Website  web www.htcuhw.co.uk - site down?
South East Wales UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SEWUWH
Aberystwyth  Prifysgol UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?id=155 - page blank
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/aberuwh
Ammanford  Llwchwr Octopush BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=71
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/LlwchwrOctopushClub
  email  email Robin Murphy:
  Telephone  phone Robin Murphy: +44 7912 362 162‬
Bangor  Bangor University BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=66
  email  email
  Website  web www.undebbangor.com/opportunities/moreathleticunion/club/9442/
  email  email
Cardiff  Cardiff & Newport  Website  web www.cardiffunderwaterhockey.co.uk
  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=122
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/cardiffunderwaterhockey
  email  email
  Cardiff University
(currently inactive)
Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/593894570647723
Haverfordwest  Haverfordwest UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?id=144 - page blank
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Haverfordwest-Underwater-Hockey-Club-140329576042676
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +44 7977 562 321
Llandysul  Llandysul UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?id=893 - page blank
Llanelli John Hargood   01554 835029 - page blank
Newport  Cardiff & Newport  Website  web www.newportoctopush.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/cardiffunderwaterhockey
  email  email
Pembroke  Pembroke Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=25
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/PEMBROKE-OCTOPUSH-CLUB-159927447408845
  email  email Colin Deller:
  Telephone  phone Colin Deller: +44 1646 661357‬
Pontardawe  Cwmtawe Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=115 - page blank
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/288637390748
St. David's  Tyddewi Octopush  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?club_id=97 - page blank
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/22127471180
Swansea  Swansea University  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?id=160 - page blank
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SwanseaUniSubAquaClub
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  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/swanseaunisac
  Instagram  ig www.instagram.com/swanseaunisubaquaclub


Channel Islands
Jersey  Jersey UWH  BOA Page  web www.gbuwh.co.uk/club.php?id=75
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/JerseyUWH
  Telephone  phone +44 7797 797 834

Ladies Teams 
South West South West Ladies Emma Colley, madsisters@octopush.fsnet.co.uk, 01803 813256
Sophia Tapper, s.tapper@ex.ac.uk, 01626 331480


Spectrum Angels Claire Hollinshead, clairehollinshead@yahoo.co.uk, 01784 434186
Eileen Remedios,

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Alan Blake's Home Page: http://homepages.go.com/~octopush - home page of the inventor of Octopush

B.S.A.C. - The British Sub Aqua Club - http://www.bsac.com

The world governing body - http://www.cmas2000.org

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