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Octopush / Underwater Hockey in Asia

China  -  Hong Kong  -  Indonesia  -  Israel  -  Japan  -  Jordan  -  Malaysia

Philippines  -  Saudi Arabia  -  Singapore  -  South Korea  -  Turkey  -  United Arab Emirates

Page updated 15th May 2019.

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CN China
Beijing  UHB Beijing  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/UHB-Beijing-underwater-hockey-101603730218345
  Telephone  phone +86 186 1171 2340
  Medusa UWH  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/Medusa-Underwater-Hockey-Club-436042773411167
Chengdu  Bubble UWH  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/BubbleUnderwaterHockey
Chongqing  Sober UWH  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/ChongqingSoberUWH
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +86 138 8363 8375
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/329066060942657
Guangzhou  Guangzhou&Foshan  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/Underwater-Hockey-GuangzhouFoshan-1816265171999493
Shanghai  Shanghai Azures  Website  web www.shanghai-azures.tumblr.com
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/521168727898354
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/ShanghaiAzures


AE Dubai

Please see United Arab Emirates below.


HK Hong Kong
Hong Kong UWH Association  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/HKUWHA
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/UWHHK
  email  email
  Telephone  phone whatsapp +852 9088 7303
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/hkuwa


ID Indonesia
Jakarta  Jakarta UWH  Website  web www.jakartauwhclub.WordPress.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/JakartaUnderwaterHockeyClub
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/142771405759260
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/jkt_UWH
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/jkt_uwh
Surabaya  Surabaya UWH  FB Profile  fb www.fb.com/lee.j.hyuk.1
  Telephone  phone +62 878 5542 8027
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/gid_osteo
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/sub_uwh
6th Asian Championships, 2015  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/AUHC2015


IL Israel

Tivon  Israel UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/451483501709501
(autumn, winter, spring)  email  email Renan Karni:
  email  email Tal Ephrat:
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/israel.uwh
Givat Ela  Israel UWH  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/6221425339
(summer only) 


JP Japan

Underwater Hockey in Japan  Website  web uwhjapan.wixsite.com
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/70583638968
Chiba  Chiba University  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/CU_UWH
Hiroshima  UWH Hiroshima  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/hockeyhiroshima
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/hockeyhiroshima
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/hiroshima.sharea
Kanagawa  Kanagawa UWH  Website  web kanagawa-uwh.moon.bindcloud.jp
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/kanagawaUWH
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/kanagawaUWH
Kaiyo  Kaiyo UWH  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/kaiyo_uwh
Tokyo  Musashi University  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/msuityuhockey
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/______634uwh____
  Alt. Contact  bucsdave@gol.com
Toshi's Underwater Hockey Page: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Berkeley-Labo/1403/E_sports/uwh.html


JO Jordan
Amman  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/1764605856899738


MY Malaysia

Malaysia UWH Association  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/masuhc
Malaysia UWH Community    Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/922656881195757


PH Philippines

Philippine Underwater
Hockey Confederation
Facebook  fb www.fb.com/PhilippineUnderwaterHockeyConfederation
email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/6398952036
Manila Metro  Polo Puck Pirates  Website  web www.3PUnderwaterHockey.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/3PUnderwaterHockey
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +63 917 538 5998
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/PoloPuckPirates
Paranaque City  Citadel UWH Club  Website  web www.citadelunderwaterhockeyclub.com - site down
  No pool at present  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/CitadelUWH
  email  email - message undeliverable
  Telephone  phone +63 917 844 5559
Quezon City  UWH Bootcamp  Website  web uwhbootcamp.blogspot.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/underwaterhockeybootcamp
  email  email
  Telephone  phonewhatsapp Cris Bernardo: +63 917 857 8793
Taguig  UWH Bootcamp  Website  web uwhbootcamp.blogspot.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/underwaterhockeybootcamp
  email  email
  Telephone  phonewhatsapp Cris Bernardo: +63 917 857 8793
Manila Invitational Tournament  Website  web www.3PUnderwaterHockey.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/manilauwhinvitational
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +63 917 866 4425
  Reports  2010  -  2012  -  2014 -  2017
Fan Pages  
Train Underwater Hockey  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/TrainUWH
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +63 932 890 4425
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/tuwh1


SA Saudi Arabia
UWH Saudi Arabia  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/UWHSaudiArabiaUnderwaterHockey
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/UWHSaudiArabiaUnderwaterHockey
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/uwh.saudi_team
Dammam    email  email Mohamed Khazragui:
  Telephone  phonewhatsapp Mohamed Khazragui: +966 56 705 7303
Riyadh    email  email Mubarak AlNahdi:


SG Singapore
Queenstown  Stirling UWH  Website  web www.suhc.org
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/suhc.sg
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/4722288564
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/suhc.sg


SG South Korea
Seoul  New club starting!  email  email Edward Kim:
  Telephone  phonewhatsapp Edward Kim: +82 10 3038 8288
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/edcat0


TR Turkey
Turkey Underwater Federation: http://www.scspf.com
Underwater Hockey Turkey  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/UnderwaterHockeyTurkey
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/uwhturkey
Ankara  ODTU SAS  Website  web www.sas.metu.edu.tr
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/odtusas
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/uwhmarmara
Istanbul  Denizatı Su Sporları  Website  web www.denizatisusporlari.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/DenizatiSuSporlariKulubu
  email  email
  Telephone  phone İrfan İli: +90 534 725 35 12
  Marmara Sport  Website  web www.marmarasport.com
  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/DenizatiSuSporlariKulubu
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +90 539 945 15 35
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/uwhmarmara
Istanbul - Poseidon Sports Club: http://www.poseidonsm.com
Emre Ögüdücü, emreoguducu@yahoo.com
Eskisehir Emre Kazan,emrekazan@hotmail.com
???, theunreachable@hotmail.com
Unknown    Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/icesualtihokeyi
4x4 UWH Istanbul Cup 2016  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/4x4underwaterhockeyistanbulcup


AE United Arab Emirates
UAE UWH  Facebook  fb www.fb.com/uwhuae
  email  email Phil Bedford:
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/uwhuae
       (for future growth: not currently active)
  Old FB  fb www.fb.com/UAE-Underwater-Hockey-256570212070
Abu Dhabi email  email Phil Bedford:
Dubai Facebook  fb www.fb.com/uwhdubai
  email  email Phil Bedford:
  Newsgroup  fb www.fb.com/groups/uwhdubai
  Instagram  instagram www.instagr.am/underwaterhockeydubai
Dubai Facebook  fb www.fb.com/uwhdubai

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