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Page updated 29th August 2023.

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Please note that the United Kingdom has its own separate page,
due to the large number of clubs in that country.

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AD Andorra
Contact email  Jean Marc Riba: blocgrafic@andorra.ad


AT Austria
Underwater Hockey Austria  Newsgroup  web www.facebook.com/groups/uwhaustria


BE Belgium
Belgium Underwater Hockey  Website  web www.belgiumuwh.be
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/BelgiumUnderWaterHockey
  FB Profile  web www.facebook.com/belgium.uwh
Men's Elite Team    Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/red_piranhas
Women's Elite Team    Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/redmermaids
Bilzen  Orca Bilzen  Website  web www.owh.be
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OnderwaterhockeyOrca
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/OrcaBilzen
  instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/underwaterhockey_orca
Brussels  BUWH  Website  web www.buwh.be
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/brusselsuwh
  email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/7364064255
Genk  OWH Koraal Genk  Website  web www.uwhgenk.be
  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/onderwaterhockey.koraalgenk
  email  email
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw  Zuunse Karpers  Website  web www.zuunsekarpers.be
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ZuunseKarpers
  email  email
Zwevegem  Team Mantis Website  web www.mantisowh.be
  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/MantisOnderwaterhockeyZwevegem
  email  email
    email Kris Planckaert:


HR Croatia
Underwater Hockey Croatia  Website  web www.podvodni-hokej.hr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Podvodni.Hokej
Zagreb  PH RK Geronimo  Website  web www.rkgeronimo.hr/Doc/PodvodniHokej/PodvodniHokej.aspx
  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/podvodnihokej.rkgeronimo


CZ Czech Republic
Underwater Hockey Czech Republic  Website  web www.uwh.wz.cz
Ceske Budejovice  Serrasalmus  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/218529985952
Pilsen / Plzeň  Pilsen Squids  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/pilsen.squids
    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/PodvodniHokejPlzen
Prague  UWH Narwhals  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UnderwaterhockeyNarwhals
  instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/underwaterhockeynarwhals
Bud Pig Cup Tournament, Ceske Budejovice  Newsgroup  web www.facebook.com/groups/716246175112899


DK Denmark
Copenhagen  UWH Copenhagen  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/UWHCopenhagen
Breatheology  email  email Stig Severinsen:


FR France
French National UWH Federation  Website  web www.hockeysub.ffessm.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubffessm
French National Teams    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Equipes.de.France.de.Hockey.Subaquatique
French Women's Masters Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Équipe-de-France-master-féminine-de-Hockey-Subaquatique-175542739279349
French Under-23 Men's Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhU23fr
French Under-23 Women's Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/u23wFR
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/french_u23w_uwh
French Under-19 Women's Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Equipe-de-France-féminine-U19-hockey-subaquatique-1137468466411666
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/u19_f_hockey_sub
Olivier Denier's Underwater Hockey Page: http://membres.lycos.fr/yeye/ in French Excellent site
National Teams Contact Lionel Dumeaux, lionel_dumeaux@hotmail.com
General UWH in France Contact Ulysse Munoz, ulysse.munoz@libertysurf.fr
Dominique Reboul's Underwater Hockey Page: http://membres.lycos.fr/bois/hockey.shtml in French
Auvergne-Rhône-Alps (region of Lyon)
Regional Committee "AURA"  Website  web www.ffessmaura.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/FFESSMRABAHockeySub
Annemasse  Exocet Leman  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/annemassehockeysub74
Clermont-Ferrand  Clermont Hockey Sub  Website  web www.clermonthockeysub.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/clermonthockeysubaquatique
Grenoble  Okeanos  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueGrenobleOkeanos
Le-Puy-en-Velay  Vulcains Sub Vellave  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/vulcainssubvellave
Lyon  Lyon Sport Métropole  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubLSM69
  Telephone  phone +33 6 71 57 59 67
Moirans  CASM Moirans Website  web www.casm-moirans.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/casmMoirans
Pierrelatte  Club du Tricastin  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubtricastin
  email  email  Julien Sirot:
  Telephone  phone Julien Sirot: +33 6 73 01 84 80
Brittany / Bretagne (region of Rennes)
Regional Committee Bretagne / Loire  Website  web hockeysub.cibpl.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysub.cibpl
Brest  Hockeysub Brestois  Website  web www.hockeysubbrest.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubBrest
La Guerche-de-Bretagne  Aqua Club  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/aquaclub.hockeysubaquatique
Pontivy  Pontivy PSSM  Website  web www.pssmpontivy.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Pontivy.Sports.Sous.Marins
Quimper  Diaouliged Bro Gerne  Website  web diaouligedbrogerne.ze-forum.com/portal.php
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/diaouligedbrogerne
  Telephone  phone +33 6 60 25 97 54
Rennes  RSSM  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueDeRennesRssm
Grand Est (region of Strasbourg)
Hockey Subaquatique Grand Est  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysub
Bischheim  Les Cams'  Website  web www.camns.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhseb
  email  email  Arnaud Troesch:
  Telephone  phone +33 6 59 72 20 00
Mulhouse  TPM68 Hockeysub  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/hockeysub.tpm68
Reims  Archimède Reims  Website  web www.archimede-club.org/spip.php?page
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueArchimedeReims
  Telephone  phone +33 6 13 56 02 23
Saint-Louis  P3F Hockeysub  email  email Frédéric Ruiz
Sedan  Aquarium Club Sedan  Website  web hockeysubsedan.free.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubaquatiquesedans
Strasbourg  Strasbourg Hockey Sub  Website  web http://www.acal67.com/plongee-acal-strasbourg/activites-sportives/hockey
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/strasbourghockeysub
  Telephone  phone +33 6 86 93 52 48
Hauts-de-France (region of Lille)
Compiègne  Hockeysub Compiègne  Website  web hipphockeyeurs.free.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HipphockeyeursCompiegne
Corbie  Corbie Hockeysub  Website  web jsccorbie.free.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/CorbieHockeySub
  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/corbie.hockeysub.9
  email  email
  Telephone  phone Alex Potelle: +33 2 22 90 14 93
Lille  Hockeysub Lille  Website  web lille.hockeysub.free.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueLille
  email  email Philippe Van Rechem:
  Telephone  phone +33 6 71 57 59 67
Île-de-France (region of Paris)
Regional Committee "IDF"  Website  web crhs-idf-p-ffessm.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/CRHSIDF
Asnières-sur-Seine  Asnières Hockey Sub  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/21021980991
Clamart  Hockeysub Clamart  Website  web www.nautile-plongee.com/hockey-subaquatique
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueClamart
Ermont  Ermont Hockey Sub  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ermonthockeysub
Fontenay Trésigny  CSMB Fontenay  Website  web www.hockey-fontenay.org
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Fontenayhockey
Grenelle  HOPE  Website  web hopeparis.free.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HOPE-HOckey-Paris-Subaquatique-715176145348598
Grigny  USG Hockey Sub  Website  web usg.plongee.over-blog.net/contact
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/USG-Hockey-Sub-259145358280439
  Telephone  phone +33 6 69 31 91 44
  instagram instagram www.instagram.com/uwh_grigny
Le Chesnay  Le Chesnay  Website  web hockeysublechesnay.wordpress.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockey.subaquatique.le.chesnay
  email  email
Neuilly-sur-Marne  Squale Team 2.0  Website  web www.squaleteam.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/squaleteam
  Telephone  phone +33 1 85 42 01 40
  instagram instagram www.instagram.com/squale_team_paris
Pontoise  Pontoise-Cergy CHSPC  Website  web www.chspc.free.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/chspc
  email  email Cecile Roussel:
  Telephone  phone +33 1 34 66 33 87
Reuilly  Diderot 12  Website  web www.diderot12.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubasd12
Normandy (region of Rouen)
Grand-Courenne  Grand Courenne  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubGrandCourenne
Nouvelle-Aquitaine (region of Bordeaux)
Pessac  Hockey SUB Pessac  Website  web www.hockeysubpessac.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubPessac
  email  email
Saintes  Hockey Sub Saintes  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Hockey-Subaquatique-Saintes-1459561794353313
Nouvelle-Calédonie (region of New Caledonia) - see Octopush Central Oceania
Occitanie (region of Toulouse)
Cahors  Subquercy  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/subquercyhockey
  email  email
Montauban  Hockeysub Montauban  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueMontauban
  Telephone  phone Lionel: +33 6 84 07 61 04
Montpellier  Montpellier Manchots  Website  web www.montpellier-manchots-subaquatique.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/montpelliermanchotssubaquatique
Perpignan  Daulphy Club  Website  web daulphy.jimdo.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Daulphy-Club-hockey-sub-Perpignan-143168979048714
  Telephone  phone +33 6 09 95 79 26
Toulouse  CHOKS  Website  web www.choks.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/CHOKSToulouse
  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088337362624
  Telephone  phone +33 6 74 66 17 06
Pays-de-la-Loire (region of Nantes)
Regional Committee Pays de la Loire  Website  web hockeysub.cibpl.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysub.cibpl
Nantes  Hockey Sub Nantais  Website  web www.nanteshockeysubaquatique.neowordpress.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Nantes.Hockey.Sub
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/nanteshockeysub
Pornic  OCPR Retz  Website  web www.ocpr44.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Hockey-Subaquatique-la-Bernerie-166864647464784
  email  email Matthieu Vende:
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (region of Marseille)
Cagnes-sur-mer  Club Moana  Website  web www.clubmoana.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/MoanaHockeySub
  email  email Thomas Rebouillat:
  Telephone  phone +33 6 64 21 71 32
Hyères  Hyères Hockey Sub  Website  web www.hyeres-hockey.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HyeresHockeySubaquatique
  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/hyereshockey
La Seyne-sur-Mer  CSMS Var  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubaquatique.csmsvar
Marseille  MHS Mars Hockey Sub  Website  web www.mars-hockeysub.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/marshockeysub
  Massilia Sub  Website  web massiliasub.wix.com/massiliasub
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/massiliasub
Saint-Barthélemy (collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy) - see Octopush Central North America
3x3 Bièvre Isère  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/CASM3x3


FI Finland
No current contacts


DE Germany
VDST: German Diving Federation  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/vdst1954
VDST German Women's UWH Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Underwater-Hockey-VD
The German Underwater Sport Website: http://uwsport.de/. Alternative: http://home.pages.at/uwsport/
Newsgroup To join, email: uwh-subscribe@yahoogroups.de
Octopush in Deutschland: http://www.reedconsulting.com/de/octopush/index.html - no longer updated
Berlin  Berlin UWH  Website  web berlinuwh.wordpress.com
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/berlinuwh
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/BerlinUWH
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/berlin_uwh 
Düsseldorf Alex Lerner, Alex_Lerner@amsinc.com
Elmshorn  Elmshorn Schlickteufel  Website  web www.schlickteufel.de
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Schlickteufel
Gießen: German UWH: http://underwater.webjump.com
Gießen Jan Carmanns, jan@carmanns.de
Hannover  UWH Hannover  Website  web tauch-club-hannover.de/unterwasserhockey
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UWHHannover
Heidelberg  TCO Weinheim  Website  web www.tco-weinheim.de/index.php/unterwasserhockey
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UnterwasserhockeyRheinNeckar
  email  email Sabina Hillebrandt:
Leipzig  Leipzig UWH  Website  web hochschulsport.uni-leipzig.de/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/_Unterwasserhockey.html
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/LeipzigUWH
Munich  Munich Marlins  Website  web www.unterwasserhockey-muenchen.de
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/MunichMarlins
  email  email
Reutlingen Kirsten Bode, kirsten.bode@student.fh-reutlingen.de
Stuttgart Brian Johanek, Brian.Johanek2@de.bosch.com


HU Hungary
Hungarian Underwater Hockey  Website  web www.vizalattihoki.org
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/vizalattihoki
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/underwaterhockeyhungary
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/Vizihoki
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh_hun
UWH Hungary Men's Masters    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UHMMT
Budapest  Team Egyszusz  Website  web www.vizihoki.hu (site down?)
Dunaújváros  Bùvàrsuli SE  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Búvársuli-SE-750241191772814
  Telephone  phone Robert Gurosatti: +36 30 630 0603
Jàszberèny  Jászbúvár SE  Website  web www.jaszbuvar.hu
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/JaszbuvarSe
Pécs  Piranha VSE  Website  web www.piranha.hu
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/piranha.hu
  email  email
  Telephone  phone Antal Schweitzer: +36 30 663 6123
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/284195601624576
Szigetvár  Kék Marlin Vízihoki  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/kekmarlin
Unknown  Vizihoki Utánpótlás  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/vizihoki.utanpotlas


IE Ireland
Underwater Hockey Ireland  Website  web www.underwaterhockey.ie
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/underwaterhockeyireland
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/underwaterhockeyireland
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhIRELAND
Belfast (N. Ireland)  Queens University  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/sinkingsheep
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/belfast_uwh
Cork  Cork UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/corkuwh
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/CorkUWH
Dublin  Dublin UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/DublinUnderwaterHockey
  DCU UWH  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/dcu.uwh
  UCD UWH  Website  web www.ucdsac.ie/underwater-hockey
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ucduwh
Limerick  UWH Limerick  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhlimerick
Underwater Hockey on the page of the Irish Underwater Council:  web www.diving.ie/snorkle-diving/underwater-hockey/


IT Italy
Italian Underwater Federation  Website  web www.fipsas.it
email Donato Puggioli:
Underwater Hockey Italy  Website  web www.hockeysubacqueo.it - site down
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubacqueo
email&nb email
Italian Underwater Hockey Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Italy-Underwater-Hockey-Team-1592552654181619
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/italyuwh
Underwater Hockey Rules in Italian  Website  web www.sogese.com/regole-hoceky-subacqueo
Italian Rules Web Site: http://digilander.libero.it/HockeySub/ - site down
Italian Referees & Rules    Giorgio Trotter, nac2049@iperbole.bologna.it
Sub Bologna club Saverio Cervi, batsav@tin.it
Bologna  Assetto Variabile  Website  web www.sogese.com/hockey-subacqueo
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SogeseAssettoVariabileUWH
email  email
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/sogese_assettovariabile_uwh
  H2BO  Website  web www.h2bo.net/discipline-2-2/hockey-sub
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Hockey.Sub.SGP
email  email
  Telephone  phone +39 320 756 5218
Cagliari (Sardinia)  ASD Sub Cagliari  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/subcagliari
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/hockeysubcagliari
Livorno  Hockey Sub Livorno  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysub.livorno
Napoli (Naples) New club underway Roberto Pelosi, rpelosi@consulbrokers.com
Parma  Hockey Sub Ducale  Website  web www.circoloinzani.it/hockey-sub
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubDucaleParma
Rome  Altitudo Roma  Website  web www.altitudoroma.it
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/AltitudoRoma
  Romaquatik  Website  web www.hockeysubroma.com
    Alt. Website  web www.romaquatik.com/hockey-rugby-subacqueo-under-water-hockey-rugby
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/romaquatik
  Telephone  phone Christian Yari Schembri: +39 340 673 7179
Rome (Club AISP) email  Michelle Gauthier: uwh@rome.com
Rome (Club UHRC) email  Gerardo Iannacone: iannaccone@asamrt.interbusiness.it
Trieste  Nel Blu  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysubtrieste
Turin (Torino)  Eridania Hockey Sub  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/EridaniaTorinoHockeySub
Parmacup  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Parmacup
Underwater Hockey + Rugby Rome Cup  Website  web www.hockeysubroma.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UWHockeyRugbyRomeCup
  Telephone  phone Christian Yari Schembri: +39 340 673 7179


NL Netherlands
Dutch Underwater Sport Federation  Website  web www.nob-nl.nl
Dutch Underwater Hockey Commission    Website  web www.onderwaterhockey.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/onderwaterhockey
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/OWHockey
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh_nl
Netherlands Elite Men's Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/dutcheliteuwh
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh_elite_men
Netherlands Elite Women's Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/dutchunderwaterhockeywomen
Netherlands Under-23 Ladies    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/dutchladiesu23
Netherlands Under-19 Ladies    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/NederlandsDamesU19OnderwaterhockeyTeam
"Onderwaterhockey"    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/154059471303028
Almelo  OWH-Team Galathea  Website  web www.galathea.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OWH-Team-Galathea-206690029353033
email  email
Team OVA: http://www.ova-amsterdam.nl
Contact Francis Bentvelzen, francis@electronicsolutions.nl
Breda  OSV Argonauta  Website  web www.argonauta.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ArgonautaBreda
email  email
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/osvargonauta
Bussum  G.O.V. Bussum  Website  web www.gov-bussum.nl/algemeen/owh.php
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/GOVBussum
email  email Paul van den Brakel:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/118923441507028
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/govbussum
Den Helder De Aquanauten Tom van Pelt, tom.vanpelt@wxs.nl
Delft  Aqua Delfia  Website  web www.aquadelfia.nl/onderwaterhockey
email  email
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/85456714479
Den Haag  Baracuda  Website  web www.baracuda.info/onderwaterhockey.html
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/duikverenigingbaracuda
email  email
Dordrecht  OSCD  Website  web www.oscddordrecht.com
  Alt. Address  web www.oscd.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/argonautatournament
Ede  De Heiduikers  Website  web www.heiduikers.nl/#onderwaterhockey
email  email
  Telephone  phonephone Eike Dehling: +31 23 535 0620
Groningen  GBD Calamari Website  web www.gbdcalamri.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/GBDCalamari
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/gbdcalamari
Contact Joris Smit, joris@interestate.nl
Haarlem  Haarlem OWH  Website  web www.duikinovh.nl/ovh/onderwaterhockey
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Onderwaterhockey-OVH-197080220332242
  Telephone  phone +31 23 535 0620
Hilversum  OSV Hilversum  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/osvhilversum
Hippocampus Contact remcoc@exa.nl
Hoensbroek  ZON S&S  Website  web www.zonsportenspel.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/zonsportenspel
  email  email
Krimpen an den Ijssel, SDV Sepia: http://www.wetsite.nl
Maastricht  OWH Club Astacus  Website  web www.astacus.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OWHCAstacus
  Telephone  phone +31 6 1509 1508
    Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/OWHCAstacus
Monster  Barramoenda  Website  web www.barramoenda.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Barramoenda
Tilburg  Owh Tilburg  Website  web onderwaterhockeytilburg.webnode.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Onderwaterhockey-Tilburg-333814873392471
  email  email
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/OwhTilburg
  (Parent Club)  Website  web www.rbt98.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ReddingsbrigadeTilburg98
  email  email
  Telephone  phone+31 13 570 1347
Utrecht  OWh Utrecht  Website  web www.onderwaterhockeyutrecht.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/onderwaterhockeyutrecht
Veldhoven  VZV Njord OWH  Website  web www.vzvnjord.nl
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/OWHVZVNjord
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/vsvnjord_owh
Vlaardingen  Vlaardingse RB  Website  web www.vlaardingsereddingsbrigade.nl/
  email  email
Argonauta Tournament, Breda  Website  web www.argonautatournament.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/argonautatournament
Mosseltoernooi, Dordrecht  Website  web www.mosseltoernooi.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/mosseltoernooi.oscd
  Telephone  phone +31 78 617 7383
Pancake Youth Tournament, Dordrecht  Website  web www.oscd.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Annual-Pancake-UWH-Youth-Tournament-OSCD-188593281344448
  Contact  email
  Subscribe  email
  Telephone  phone +31 6 2742 7304
Dutch UWH: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/uwhockey_dutch/ Dead?
Herman de Jong's UWH Page: http://www.etp.phys.tue.nl/herman/hjuwhcky.htm in English
Kees Bakx's UWH Web page: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Kees_Bakx/ - Site down?
Study Club Sconfina's UWH Page: http://www.ptf.hro.nl/~sconfina/uwhockey.htm - in English. Down?


NO Norway
Underwater Hockey Norway Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhnorway
Oslo  Team Akkaren  Website  web www.akkaren.no
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/oslouwh
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/oslo_uwh
  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/oslo_uvh_akkaren
Norway Underwater Hockey (old): www.gfi.uib.no/~even/boblen/uvhockey.html Site down?


PL Poland
Underwater Hockey Poland  Newsgroup  web www.facebook.com/groups/423513831042200
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh.poland
Belchatow  Aquarius  Website  web www.uwhaquarius.pl
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/UWHAquarius
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +48 601 066 243
  Newsgroup  web www.facebook.com/groups/555176974523927
Chojnice  Chojnickie Pstrągi  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/chojnickiepstragi
  email  email
Gdynia  Orka  Website  web www.orkagdynia.pl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OrkaGdynia
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +48 603 253 927
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh_orka_gdynia
Gdańsk  Bałtyckie Foki  Website  web www.hokejpodwodny.pl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hokejpodwodny
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  Bałtyckie Foki U19  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/mlodefoki
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  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/hokejpodwodny_baltyckiefoki
  Asterias  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Asterias-761789380523671
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +48 609 448 808
Kraków  Smoki  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HokejPodwodnyKrakow
  email  email Jędrzej Mehring:
  Telephone  phone +48 691 681 691
Łodz  Podwodna łódź Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/HokejPodwodnyKrakow
  email  email Jarek Dambi:
  Telephone  phone +48 609 093 001
Olsztyn  Szczupaki  Website  web www.awn.com.pl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/pikesolsztyn
Ostrzeszów  Szuwary  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SzuwaryOstrzeszow
Poznań  Podwodne Pyry  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhpoznan
  email  email
Siemianowice Śląskie  Walenie  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Walenie-UNDER-WATER-Hockey-691263294226662
  email  email
Trzebnica  Hydra  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/hydratrzebnica
  Telephone  phone +48 534 885 188
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh.hydra
Warsaw  Ozarow Mazowiecki  Website  web www.ksfenix.pl
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/fenixozarowmaz
  email  email  Maciej Bernady:
  Telephone  phone Maciej Bernady: +48 604 444 876
Wroclaw  Klub Pirania  Website  web www.KlubPirania.pl
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/KlubPirania
  Telephone  phone Marcin Reif: +48 505 861 372
Aqua Battle Tournament, Trzebnica  Website  web www.turniej.hydra.org.pl/wyniki
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/AquaBattleTrzebnica
Pirania Cup 3v3 Tournament, Wroclaw  Website  web www.piraniacup.pl
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/piraniacup
  Telephone  phone +48 505 861 372
Hokej Podwodny 24/7 (News Site)  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/Hokej-Podwodny-247-1550916025200485


PT Portugal
Portuguese Men's Elite Team  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/Portugal-Seleção-Nacional-Elite
UWH Portugal Magazine  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/UWH-Portugal-Magazine-598311403591927
Coimbra  Sharks Coimbra  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/Sharks.Coimbra
  email  email
Lisbon  Aqua Carca  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/AQUA-CARCA-654630897880445
  email  email David Teiga:
  MMUUfinhos  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/mmuufinhos
Oeiras  HS Oeiras Viva EM  Website  web www.oeirasviva.pt/index2.php?co=247&tp=3
link broken...
  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/oeirasvivaunderwaterhockey
  email  email
Valongo  Escolinhas Zupper  Facebook  web www.facebook.com/piranhaszupper
  email  email


RO Romania
Underwater Hockey Romania  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhromania
Bucharest  Team starting...  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/hannahjaneb
Sibiu  Team starting...  email  email Victor Czenter:


RS Serbia
Underwater Hockey Serbia  Website  web www.podvodnihokej.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/podvodni.hokej.srbija
  Contact  email Dejan Simic:
  Telephone  phone +381 65 2734976
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/podvodni.hokej.srbija
Calypso Belgrade Bozana Ostojic, calypso@EUnet.yu
URS Belgrade's Web Site: http://www.urs.co.yu
Herceg-Novi Dejan Milovanovic, cyber_dziber@hotmail.com
Kikinda  RK Orka  Website  web www.rkorka.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/ronilackikluborka


SI Slovenia
Underwater Hockey Slovenia  Website  web www.uwh.si
  FB Profile  fb www.facebook.com/underwaterhockey.slovenia
  Telephone  phone +386 31 735 013
Kranj: PH Kranj: http://www.phkranj.freeservers.com - in Slovene and English.
Ljubljana: PH Ljubljana: http://www.oxylus.net/phljubljana/ New page
Ljubljana: PH Norik sub: http://www.angelfire.com/ak/podvodnihokej/ - in Slovene & English. Old page?
Velenje: PH Velenje: http://www.phvelenje.freeservers.com/ - in Slovene


ES Spain
Spanish UWH Association  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Asociación-Española-de-Hockey-Subacuático-AEHS-117908271735716
  Telephone  phone +34 650 93 62 88
Spain Underwater Hockey  Website  web www.spainuwh.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/spainuwh
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhspain
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/spainuwh
Women's Elite Team    Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SeleccionEspanolaHockeySubacuaticoFemenina
Barcelona  Intrépid Seitons  Website  web www.hoqueisub.cat
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hoqueisubaquatic.barcelona
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/isb_uwh
Figueres  Figueres UWH  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/hoqueisubaquatic
L'Escala  Anxovetes UWH  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/anxovetes
Madrid  CMHS  Website  web madriduwh.blogspot.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/madriduwh
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +34 916 50 62 85
  Murlocks  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/MurlocksMadridUWH
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/murlocksuwh
Sabadell  CasCatalà  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/cascatala.hoqueisub
  email  email
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/cascatalauwh
Seville  Hockeysub Sevilla  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/OksubSevilla
  email  email
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/OksubSevilla
Tarragona  SES Tarraco  Website  web www.sestarragona.es/hockey-subacuatico
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SesTarracoUnderwaterHockey
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +34 663 57 14 49
Old: Jaimito Felipe's Hockey Subacuático: www.hockeysub.net


SE Sweden
Underwater Hockey Sweden Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhsweden
Stockholm   email Lili-Anne Rundblat, liru0265@student.su.se
    email Liam Good, liam.good@cgr.ki.se


CH Switzerland
Underwater Hockey Switzerland  Website  web www.uwh.ch
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhswitzerland
  YouTube  yt www.youtube.com/uwhswitzerland
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhswitzerland
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhswitzerland
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwhswitzerland
All Switzerland  National Representative  email  email Martin Reed:
DRS (German)  Regional Representative  email  email Silvania Avelar:
Romandie (French)  Regional Representative  email  email Cyril Cholley:
Ticino (Italian)  Regional Representative  email  email Silvania Avelar:
Juniors Junior Representative  email  email Johanna Schoeman:
Basel  P3F / UWH Basel  email  email Martin Reed:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhbasel
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhbasel
Bern  UWH Bern  email  email Johanna Schoeman:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhbern
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhbern
Fribourg  New club starting!  email  email Julien Comes:
Geneva  Annemasse / Geneva email  email Maciej Bernady:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhgeneva
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhgeneva
Lausanne  New club starting!  email  email Jérémy Plaquin:
Neuchâtel  New club starting!  email  email Michele Palmieri:
Ticino  New club starting!  email  email Silvania Avelar:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhticino
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhticino
Zürich  Flying Fish Kloten  email  email Joerg Vogt:
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhzuerich
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/uwhzuerich


TR Turkey
Please see Octopush Central Asia.


UK United Kingdom
Please see Octopush Central United Kingdom.



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