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Octopush / Underwater Hockey in Europe
Updated 8th December 2018.

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AD Andorra
Contact Jean Marc Riba blocgrafic@andorra.ad


AT Austria
    web Newsgroup  www.facebook.com/groups/uwhaustria


BE Belgium
Bilzen Orca Bilzen Website web www.owh.be
    Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/OrcaBilzen
    Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/underwaterhockey_orca
Club Contact Edwin Wils orcabilzen@hotmail.com
Brussels: Brussels Underwater Hockey (BUWH): www.buwh.be
Club Contact Romain Alder buwh@buwh.be
Genk: Club Koraal Genk: http://web.wanadoo.be/owhgenk/
Turnhout, OWHAT Turnhout: club now folded
Zwevegem, Team Mantis: http://www.mantisowh.be - New address (05 Dec 05)
Club Contact
Alternate contact Kris Planckaert


CZ Czech Republic
Underwater Hockey Czech Republic Website web www.uwh.wz.cz
Ceske Budejovice  Serrasalmus  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/218529985952
Pilsen / Plzeň  Pilsen Squids  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/pilsen.squids
    Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/PodvodniHokejPlzen


DK Denmark
Copenhagen   Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/UWHCopenhagen
Additional contact Stig Severinsen email


FR France
French National UWH Federation Website web www.hockeysub.ffessm.fr
Olivier Denier's Underwater Hockey Page: http://membres.lycos.fr/yeye/ in French Excellent site
National Teams Contact Lionel Dumeaux lionel_dumeaux@hotmail.com
General UWH in France Contact Ulysse Munoz ulysse.munoz@libertysurf.fr
Dominique Reboul's Underwater Hockey Page: http://membres.lycos.fr/bois/hockey.shtml in French
Auvergne-Rhône-Alps (region of Lyon)
Annemasse  Exocet Leman  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/annemassehockeysub74
Lyon Veronique Fay phone +33 6
Brittany / Bretagne (region of Rennes)
Rennes  RSSM  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/HockeySubaquatiqueDeRennesRssm
Grand Est (region of Strasbourg)
Mulhouse  TPM68 Hockeysub  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/PodvodniHokejPlzen
Sedan: A.C. Sedan: http://www.hockey-sub.fr.st/
Strasbourg  Strasbourg Hockey Sub  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/strasbourghockeysub
Hauts-de-France (region of Lille)
Lille Philippe Herent philippe.herent@bfeurope.com
Île-de-France (region of Paris)
Hockey Subaquatique Clamart: http://membres.lycos.fr/krissreb/oksub.htm
Diderot 12 Club, Paris: http://wwwusers.imaginet.fr/~pansera/diderot.html - site down?
Fonteney Tresigny Christian Rossi christian.rossi@infosys-fr.com
Hope, formerly ASPTT Paris: http://www.hockeysub.com
Tom de Trébons tom@hockeysub.com
Pontoise-Cergy CHSPC: http://chspc.free.fr new web site
Michel Balster michelbalster@aol.com
Sub-Galatée Club, Chesnay, near Versailles. http://www.descartes.sni.fr/subgalat/ In French
Le Chesnay, nr Versailles, Paris Emilie Bault titelilie@wanadoo.fr
    Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/hockey.subaquatique.le.chesnay
Occitanie (region of Toulouse)
Toulouse Andre Nouaillac a.noiaillac.egci98@entiore.org
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (region of Marseille)
Marseille Guillaume Jourcin gui-le-joker2@caramail.com


FI Finland
No current contacts


DE Germany
The German Underwater Sport Website: http://uwsport.de/. Alternative: http://home.pages.at/uwsport/
Newsgroup To join, email: uwh-subscribe@yahoogroups.de
Octopush in Deutschland: http://www.reedconsulting.com/de/octopush/index.html - no longer updated
Düsseldorf Alex Lerner Alex_Lerner@amsinc.com
Gießen: German UWH: http://underwater.webjump.com
Gießen Jan Carmanns jan@carmanns.de
Munich Tatjana Wilk tatjana.wilk@mpq.mpg.de
Reutlingen Kirsten Bode kirsten.bode@student.fh-reutlingen.de
Stuttgart Brian Johanek Brian.Johanek2@de.bosch.com


HU Hungary
Budapest, Team Egyszusz: http://www.vizihoki.hu - in Hungarian
Pecs, Piranha HUNderwaterhockey Team: http://www.piranha.hu
Eger Barracudas: http://www.egeronline.com/vizihoki/ - not yet up and running?
Links page: http://vizihoki.lap.hu - in Hungarian
National Team contact Dénes Tálosi


IE Ireland
Underwater Hockey Ireland Website web www.underwaterhockey.ie
  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/underwaterhockeyireland
  Newsgroup  fb www.facebook.com/groups/underwaterhockeyireland
    Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/uwhIRELAND
  Contact Ciaran McMullan email
  National Comps Mgr Hugh Nolan email
Belfast (N. Ireland)  Queens University  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/sinkingsheep
    Instagram twitter www.instagram.com/belfast_uwh
Cork  Cork UWH  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/corkuwh
    Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/CorkUWH
Dublin  Dublin UWH  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/DublinUnderwaterHockey
  DCU UWH  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/dcu.uwh
  UCD UWH  Website  web www.ucdsac.ie/underwater-hockey
    Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/ucduwh
Limerick  UWH Limerick  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/uwhlimerick
Underwater Hockey on the page of the Irish Underwater Council:   www.diving.ie/snorkle-diving/underwater-hockey/


IT Italy
Leone Tarozzi's Italian UWH Web site: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Ring/3835/ - in Italian.
Italian Rules Web Site: http://digilander.libero.it/HockeySub/ - in Italian
Italian Federation Donato Puggioli donpug@tin.it
Italian Referees & Rules Giorgio Trotter nac2049@iperbole.bologna.it
UISP Bologna Club's Web site: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Park/1966/index.html - in Italian.
Bologna, Club UISP Leone Tarozzi biblio@igm.bo.cnr.it
Bologna, Club Nettuno's old site: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Pressbox/2693/ - in Italian.
Bologna, Club Nettuno's new site: http://nettunohockey.supereva.it - in Italian.
Sub Bologna club Saverio Cervi batsav@tin.it
Rome (Club AISP) ex Michelle Gauthier uwh@rome.com
Rome (Club UHRC) Gerardo Iannacone iannaccone@asamrt.interbusiness.it
Napoli (Naples) New club underway Roberto Pelosi rpelosi@consulbrokers.com


NL Netherlands
Nederlandse Onderwaterhockey Bond: http://www.onderwaterhockey.nl - the official Dutch UWH web site
Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond: http://www.nob-nl.nl - the Dutch underwater sport governing body

  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/uwh_nl
Team OVA: http://www.ova-amsterdam.nl
Contact Francis Bentvelzen francis@electronicsolutions.nl
Breda, Club Argonauta: http://www.argonauta.nl. Alternative site:
Club contact Inge van Oers owhockey@argonauta.nl
Bussum, G.O.V. Bussum: http://welcome.to/gov
Coach Paul van den Brakel
Den Haag, Baracuda Sub Aqua Club: http://www.dsdelft.nl/~baracuda/owh.html In Dutch. Site down?
Den Haag, Baracuda UWH: http://www.ptf.hro.nl/~sconfina/owh/owh.htm In Dutch. Site down?
Den Haag Baracuda Robin Hamerlinck's Page: http://www.ptf.hro.nl/~sconfina/robin.htm Down again!
Den Helder, Aquanauten Tom van Pelt tom.vanpelt@wxs.nl
GBD Calamari: http://rc.service.rug.nl/~calamari/ in Dutch. Site dead?
Contact Joris Smit joris@interestate.nl
Delft, Aqua Delfia: http://www.dsdelft.nl/~aquadelf/
Dordrecht: http://www.hds2000.nl/oscd/ - Site down?
Ede, De Heiduikers: http://www.edestad.com/verenigingen/heiduikers/ - site down?
Piranha, Entschede. In English. Link updated again!
Haarlem's Underwater Hockey Home Page: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ettema/ovh.htm in Dutch. Site down?
Hilversum  OSV Hilversum  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/osvhilversum
Hippocampus Contact remcoc@exa.nl
Krimpen an den Ijssel, SDV Sepia: http://www.wetsite.nl
Maastricht, Club Astacus: http://www.astacus.nl/
    Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/OWHCAstacus
Monster, O.W.H.V. Barramoenda's Home Page: http://home.hccnet.nl/m.lussing/barra.htm In Dutch
Rotterdam, Vlaardingse RB: http://www.vlaardingsereddingsbrigade.nl/onderwaterhockey.htm - up again
Ruud Oosterhof ruud.oosterhof@adp.nl
Jack Spijkerman jackspi@dsv.nl
Dutch UWH: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/uwhockey_dutch/ Dead?
Herman de Jong's UWH Page: http://www.etp.phys.tue.nl/herman/hjuwhcky.htm in English
Kees Bakx's UWH Web page: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Kees_Bakx/ - Site down?
Study Club Sconfina's UWH Page: http://www.ptf.hro.nl/~sconfina/uwhockey.htm - in English. Down?


NO Norway
Underwater Hockey Norway Newsgroup fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhnorway
Oslo  Team Akkaren  Website  web www.akkaren.no
    email  email
    Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/oslouwh
    Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/oslo_uwh
  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/oslo_uvh_akkaren
Norway Underwater Hockey (old): www.gfi.uib.no/~even/boblen/uvhockey.html


PL Poland
Belchatow  Aquarius  Facebook Page  web www.facebook.com/UWHAquarius
    Newsgroup  web www.facebook.com/groups/555176974523927
Gdańsk  Bałtyckie Foki  Website  web www.hokejpodwodny.pl
    email  email
    Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/hokejpodwodny
Trzebnica  Hokej Podwodny Hydra  Facebook Page  web www.facebook.com/hydratrzebnica
Warsaw New club starting in
Ozarow Mazowiecki!
Maciej Bernady  email
  phone +48 604 444 876
Old? Please contact Darek email towerpc@polbox.com


PT Portugal
Bruno's Home Page - (still) under construction, no change


RO Romania
Underwater Hockey Romania Newsgroup fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhromania


RS Serbia
Calypso Belgrade Bozana Ostojic calypso@EUnet.yu
URS Belgrade's Web Site: http://www.urs.co.yu
Herceg-Novi Dejan Milovanovic cyber_dziber@hotmail.com


SI Slovenia
Kranj: PH Kranj: http://www.phkranj.freeservers.com - in Slovene and English.
Ljubljana: PH Ljubljana: http://www.oxylus.net/phljubljana/ New page
Ljubljana: PH Norik sub: http://www.angelfire.com/ak/podvodnihokej/ - in Slovene & English. Old page?
Velenje: PH Velenje: http://www.phvelenje.freeservers.com/ - in Slovene


ES Spain
Spain Underwater Hockey Website web www.spainuwh.com
  Facebook Page fb www.facebook.com/spainuwh
  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/spainuwh
Old: Jaimito Felipe's Hockey Subacuático: www.hockeysub.net


SE Sweden
Underwater Hockey Sweden Newsgroup fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhsweden
Stockholm   Lili-Anne Rundblat email liru0265@student.su.se
    Liam Good email liam.good@cgr.ki.se


CH Switzerland
Underwater Hockey Switzerland  Website  web www.uwh.ch
  Facebook Page  fb www.facebook.com/uwhswitzerland
  Newsgroup fb www.facebook.com/groups/uwhswitzerland
  Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/uwhswitzerland
  Instagram instagram www.instagram.com/uwhswitzerland
All Switzerland  National Representative Martin Reed email
DRS (German)  Regional Representative Silvania Avelar email
Romandie (French)  Regional Representative Cyril Cholley email
Ticino (Italian)  Regional Representative Silvania Avelar email
Juniors Junior Representative Johanna Schoeman email
Basel P3F / UWH Basel Martin Reed email
  Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/uwhbasel
Bern UWH Bern Johanna Schoeman email
  Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/uwhbern
Fribourg New club starting! Julien Comes email
Geneva Annemasse / Geneva Maciej Bernady email
  Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/uwhgeneva
Neuchatel New club starting! Michele Palmieri email
Zürich SLRG Kloten Martin Reed email
  Twitter twitter www.twitter.com/uwhzuerich


TR Turkey
Please see the Asia page.



European Championships 2003, San Marino, Italy
The official Euro2003 web site: http://www.euro2003.it

EC logo

European Championships 2001, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
The official Euro2001 web site: http://www.uwhEC2001.org.yu - site down?

EC logo

European Championships 1999, Kranj, Slovenia

The official Euro99 web site:
updated 17th Feb 2001: language translations needed!
Euro99 details and results in French on Olivier Denier's Web Site: http://membres.lycos.fr/yeye/archives/resultats/europe99/europe99.htm

"Hockeynet" World Mailing List (newsgroup): underwater-hockey-subscribe@topica.com

European Fixtures - please contribute . . .

Underwater Hockey TouristThe Underwater Hockey Tourist: http://www.pucku.org/uwht/
Chris (sea_dragons@mac.com) needs World country page administrators

The world governing body: http://www.cmas2000.org

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