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So what is this Octopush / Underwater Hockey thing, then?

"Introduction to Octopush" at Brighton, UK
"The Game" at York University, UK
"A history of the game" in Dutch, c/o Piranha, The Netherlands - link updated again!new
Historique du Hockey Subaquatique in French, on Olivier Denier's web site

CMAS - the world governing body

The rules: UK version, CMAS version & "Rules? What rules?"

UK Rules: ... on the British Octopush Association web site
... c/o Bristol Octopush Club
CMAS International Rules v6: ... c/o Harry Hsiung (Word, ASCII, zipped Word)
French: ... c/o Olivier Denier link updated
Italian: ... c/o Giorgio Trotter
The "Real" Rules of Octopush: . . . what many players had long suspected...
Original link: http://www.joust1.demon.co.uk/ld/newletters/octopush.htm


Where to buy equipment - please contribute:


Please see info on Bristol Octopush Club's "Gear" page.
Mask, snorkel, fins Herts: Croxley Divers, Watford, tel. +44 (0) 1923 777700, fax. +44 1923 896299
                    Suffolk: Diveline, Ipswich, tel +44 (0) 1473 715533
                    Channel Islands: Apnea, St. Helier, Jersey, tel./fax +44 (0) 1534 876621
Gulleys             ???
Pucks               Southport pucks: Tommy Flynn, tel. +44 (0) 1704 831219
Pushers             Southampton: Russell Charlton, tel. +44 (0) 23 8033 2670
Please contribute.


Mask, snorkel, fins ???
Gulleys             ???
Pucks               Slovenia: Miro Peternelj - miro.peternelj@club.win-ini.si
Pushers             Slovenia: Miro Peternelj - miro.peternelj@club.win-ini.si
Please contribute.


Australia     True Blue, Western Australia. Gloves & Sticks - new web addressnew
USA, CA       Mark Nakamura's Wonderstiks, Wonderpucks, Wonder-everything-else . . .
Mask, snorkel, fins ???
Gulleys             ???
Pucks               Mike and Debbie Gillespie, Western Australia
Pushers             ???
Gloves              Jeremy Bezuidenhout, South Africa - use 'em myself . . .
Please contribute.

Other Octopush / Underwater Hockey-related stuff:

Harry Hsiung's Home Page, Washington State, USA. Excellent site, regularly updated
This site: How to set up an Octopush Club a personal opinion - please contribute
This site: How to set up an Octopush Web Site a personal opinion - contributions welcome
How to set up a UWH club - on Mark Nakamura's page - very comprehensive
Underwater Hockey Tools on Steve Stoke's web site
Underwater Hockey Procedures on Steve Stoke's web site
Dimensions of gulleys (goals) on "The Belgian World of Underwaterhockey" - web site down
The Underwater Hockey Personal Trainer - on Lisa's web site, ZAnew

CMAS - the world governing body

SPORTQuest on Underwater Hockey not very comprehensive, but look promising
An alternative list of sites: "World-Hockey-Index - Underwater Hockey/Octopush"
Elements of Back Play in Underwater Hockey on John Stoke's Home Page, NZ
An article on Octopush vs Robotics in Wired magazine - now deleted
Team Spirit - a positive article in Diver magazine by Clare Straiton      )  sibling
Bottom of the Pool - a negative article by Paschale Straiton                )  rivalry!


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