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Underwater Hockey Equipment Suppliers
Page updated 7th April 2019.

To contribute corrections, links, info, news, contact details, fixture details and
additions to this page, please email Martin Reed at .

The following is a list of known suppliers of underwater hockey equipment.
This page has no affiliation with any of these suppliers, and presents this information "as is".

Supplier  Masks  Snorkels  Fins  Sticks  Pucks  Gloves  Costumes  Caps  Bags  Other 
 Ballistic Fins  Products   fb
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/BallisticFins
  Telephone  phone +44 1364 72986
 Bbosi  Products   fb fb
  Website  web www.BbosiShop.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Bbosiworld
  Twitter  fb www.twitter.com/bbosishop
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/bbosiworld
 Bentfish  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.bentfishdesign.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/BentFishDesign-303623700665
  Telephone  phone +44 7739 633341
 Bentfish USA  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.bentfishusa.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/bentfishusa
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +1 773 879-9561
 BOA Shop  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.gbuwhshop.co.uk
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/gbuwhshop
 Breier  Products   fb
  Website  web www.breier.fr
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/BREIERSAS
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +33 2 97 44 48 48
 Britbat  Products   fb
  Website  web www.britbat.co.uk
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/britbat
  Telephone  phone +44 7967 247 788
 CanAm  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.canamuwhgear.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/CanAmUWHGear
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/canamuwh
 Core UWH Gear  Products   fb fb
  Website  web www.coreuwhgear.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/coreuwhgear
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +386 31 735 013
Delfina  Products   fb fb
  Website  web www.delfina.bg
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Delfina.Ltd
  email  email
EMO  Products   fb fb
  Website  web www.emowp.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/emowp
  email  email
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/emowp
 Fins4U  Products   fb
  Website  web www.fins4u.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/fins4u
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +44 800 978 8574
 Hockeysub  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.hockeysub.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hockeysub
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +33 6 03 06 03 69
H2OTOGS  Products   fb fb
  Website  web www.h2otogs.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/h2otogs
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +44 1227 647088
  Twitter  fb www.twitter.com/h2otogs
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/h2otogs
 Hydro  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.hydrouwh.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hydrouwh
  email  email
 Mat Mas  Products   fb
  Website  web www.mat-mas.eu
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Pagina-Mat-Mas-1934287153460085
 Najade Bifin  Products   fb
  Website  web www.najadefins.org
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/najade.bifin
  email  email
  Twitter  fb www.twitter.com/NajadeBifin
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/najadebifin
 Tienda Deportiva  Products   fb fb fb fb
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Tienda-Deportiva-Octopush-86841808317503
  Telephone  phone +57 310 419 0685
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/elfarotiendadeportivo
 True Blue  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.true-blue.com.au
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/True-Blue-Underwater-Hockey-Supplies-115579201839156
  Telephone  phone +61 419 561 291
 Turbo  Products   fb fb
  Website  web www.turboswim.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/TurboSwim
  email  email
  Telephone  phone +34 93 383 8711
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/turbowp
Ultimate Underwater
Tournament System
Products   fb
Website  web www.navisjon.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UltimateUnderwaterTournamentSystem
  Telephone  phone +1 (209) 732-6864
UWH Graphics  Products   fb
  Website  web www.underwater.uwhgraphics.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhfinsgraphics
  email  email
UWH Shirts  Products   fb
  Website  web www.UWHshirts.com - site down?
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UWHshirts
 uwhshop.com  Products   fb fb fb fb fb fb fb fb
  Website  web www.uwhshop.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Uwhshopcom
  email  email
UWX  Products   fb fb
  Website  web c/o www.canamuwhgear.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UWXUnderwaterSport
  email  email
Wpegasus  Products   fb fb fb
  Website  web www.wpegasus.com
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Wpegasussport
  Twitter  fb www.twitter.com/Wpegasussport
6 Al Agua  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/UWH6aA
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwh6aa
 Equal Puck  Website  web www.equalpuck.com
 uwhgear.nl  Website  web www.uwhgear.nl
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhgear.nl

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