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Octopush / Underwater Hockey Tournaments
Page updated 13th April 2020.

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The following list covers only CMAS World and Zone Championships.

For a full list of club and national tournaments around the world, please see the
World Tournament Calendar on the following National Federation websites:

  BEL   Belgium  www.owh.be/club-calendar/#1479073309076-b7583e5a-844d
  CAN   Canada  www.cuga.org/en/upcoming-tournaments
  CZE   Czech Republic  www.uwh.wz.cz
  FRA   France  hockeysub.ffessm.fr/index.php?id=146
  ITA   Italy  www.hockeysubacqueo.it/index.php/prossimi-tornei
  NED   Netherlands  hockeysub.ffessm.fr/index.php?id=146
  SLO   Slovenia  www.uwh.si
  SUI   Switzerland  www.uwh.ch/en/calendar.html

To add the World Tournament Calendar to a personal Google Calendar (gmail), click here, and then
in the bottom right hand corner of that page, click the blue "+" to the left of the word "Google Calendar".

Southern Hemispheres Champs 2003: http://www.yourclubweb.com/page.php?SiteId=7&LinkId=160

20.Jul-1.Aug  Southport  Elite & Masters World Championships 
  Website  web www.uwhworlds2020.com
  Event  fb www.facebook.com/events/2067293333378214
14-24.Aug  Sheffield  Age Group World Championships 
  Website  web www.sheffielduwh2019.co.uk site down...
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/Sheffield-2019-337115626760160
  Event  fb www.facebook.com/events/1784025365148515
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/sheffielduwh2019
  Messenger  fb-messenger m.me/TeamGBUWH
  Snapchat  snapchat www.snapchat.com/add/sheffield-2019
27.Jul-4.Aug  Castellon  European Championships 
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwheuropeanchampionship2019
19-28.Jul  Quebec City  Elite & Masters World Championships 
  Website  web www.uwhworlds2018.ca
  email  email
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwhworlds2018
  Event  fb www.facebook.com/events/895475707165216 (incorrect info)
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/UWHWorlds2018
  Instagram  instagram www.instagram.com/uwhworlds2018
  YouTube youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCnOBvfJcIdm9QeKn7zdECNA
21-26.Aug  Eger  European Championships 
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/uwheuro2017
  Event  fb www.facebook.com/events/158744991133776
13-22.Jul  Hobart  Age Group World Championships 
  Website  web www.hobart2017.com - site down
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/hobart2017
  Event  fb www.facebook.com/events/1611785732480205
19-28.Jul  Stellenbosch  Elite & Masters World Championships 
  Website  web www.uwhworlds2016.co.za - site down
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/SAUWH-Worlds-2016-975128972527945
  email  email
  Event  fb www.facebook.com/events/330607727112076
  Twitter  twitter www.twitter.com/UWHWorlds2018
6-15.Aug  Castellon  Age Group World Championships 
  Website  web www.agegroupsuwhworlds2015.es
  Facebook  fb www.facebook.com/agegroupsuwhworldchampionship
  Sheffield  World Championships 
  Website  web www.uwhworlds2006.net

The 2005 Pacific Coast Championships: No web site: contact mel_j@telus.net or jerrilin@shaw.ca

World Championships 2004, Christchurch, NZ
The official web site http://www.uwhworlds.org.nz
World 2004 info: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~wizards
European Championships 2003, San Marino, Italy
The official Euro2003 web site: http://www.euro2003.it
Southern Hemispheres Champs 2003: http://www.yourclubweb.com/page.php?SiteId=7&LinkId=160 - link broken
 World Championships 2002
 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The official WC2002 web site, not currently online
GB site: http://www.britishoctopush.org/
NZ site: http://www.tasmanstudios.co.nz/worlds2002/
US Site(MT): http://w3.one.net/~putney/uwh/index.html
ZA Site: http://www.headspace.co.za/SASquad.htm

Captured Memories (WC2002 official photographers): http://www.capturedmemories.ca/


EC logo

European Championships 2001, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
The official Euro2001 web site: http://www.uwhEC2001.org.yu - site down?
Tas 2000 World Championships 2000, Hobart, Tas., AU
The official web site http://www.isw.com.au/uwh - last updated 3rd May 2000
Worlds 2000 Webmaster Keith Midson: keith_midson@hotmail.com

EC logo

European Championships 1999, Kranj, Slovenia

The official Euro99 web site:
updated 17th Feb 2001: language translations needed!
Euro99 details and results in French on Olivier Denier's Web Site: http://membres.lycos.fr/yeye/archives/resultats/europe99/europe99.htm

Worlds LogoWorld Championships 1998, San Jose, California, USA
Web Site:
Results: http://www.geocities.com/~harryuwh/
Video tapes: http://home.earthlink.net/~patpix/
Other Info: http://www.underwater-society.org/usuwh/index.html

Merchandise: http://members.aol.com/maknak/usoa.html

World Championships 1996, Durban, South Africa: sunsite.wits.ac.za/sports/uwh/worlds.htm - report c/o Wits, South Africa

"Hockeynet" World Mailing List (newsgroup): underwater-hockey-subscribe@topica.com

European Fixtures - please contribute . . .

Underwater Hockey TouristThe Underwater Hockey Tourist: http://www.pucku.org/uwht/
Chris (sea_dragons@mac.com) needs World country page administrators

The world governing body: http://www.cmas.org

Any new links, or info regarding broken links, please email .