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Octopush / Underwater Hockey around the world:

Club buttons and logos welcome - 16 colours, approx 125 x 30 pixels please.

World Mailing List (newsgroup): underwater-hockey-subscribe@topica.com

World Championships 2002
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The fat lady has sung, and the medals have been won, but you can still visit...
The official WC2002 web site, GB site, NZ site, US Site(MT), ZA Site

Official Site - Hockey Subacuātico Argentina, email info@hockeysub.com.ar

The Asociacion de Hockey Subacuātico - unofficial (older) site


The Official Australian Underwater Hockey Web Site
                   Alternative web address link updated
Australian Underwater Federation
UWH Australia mailing list: UHockeyAustralia@listbot.com
QLD Palm Beach Underwater Hockey site, Palm Beach
Underwater Hockey in North Queensland
, Townsville - dead?
SA South Australian Underwater Hockey Association, Adelaide
Bradley Smith's Underwater Hockey page, Adelaide
Adelaide: Lisa Smith - lisa.smith@au.pwcglobal.com
TAS Tasmanian Underwater Hockey Association: www.yourclubweb.com/tuha
President: Nathan Whelan - nathwhelan@hotmail.com
Berserkers - good comprehensive site
alternative link: www.geocities.com/colosseum/court/6063/
VIC UWH Victoria mailing list: uwhv@listbot.com
Australian Universities Championships Web Site

Melbourne University Underwater Club, Melbourne
Monash University, Melbourne
Warragul/Drouin Underwater Hockey, Victoria
WA University of Western Australia - contact link broken
True Blue (Les & Jan Buchanan), Perth, Western Australia

Please contact Ilton Duarte at ilton@cpqd.com.br
Please contact Paul Thomson - paul.thomson@consub.com.br

Canadian Underwater Games Association - official site
Join Canadian UWH newsgroup: uwhcanada-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Join Canadian Masters newsgroup: CDN_UWH_Masters-subscribe@topica.com
Underwater Hockey League
The official web site of the 2001 Canadian Nationals
AB Calgary Underwater Hockey Club
Calgary Underwater Hockey Club's Easter 2000 Tournament
Edmonton Octopushers: email Jim Luettgen - jhealth@compusmart.ab.ca
BC Roger Kemp's "BC Underwater Hockey" page
The official web site of the 2000 Pacific Coast Championships
Miranda Jackson's "Underwater Hockey in British Columbia" page
Underwater Hockey in Vancouver, British Columbia
Underwater Hockey at the Alma Mater Society
ON Guelph Flounders Underwater Hockey, Guelph
Kincardine Pool Sharks
Kincardine Roughbottoms: email Terry Brown - trbrown@swbi.com
Lake State Underwater Hockey Lakers
London Dolphins Underwater Hockey Club, London.- new sitenew
Underwater Hockey subaquatique Ottawa: www.uwh.ca - excellent site!
Soo Tridents, Saulte Ste Marie
SK Saskatoon
QC Montreal UWH web site in French
University of Montreal, and CAMO in English
University of Montreal, and CAMO in French
Underwater Hockey in Montreal in French
Nicolas Poulin's Quebec UWH page in French.- greatly updated

National Championship Web Site
CASUN club
, Bogota
Club Oxinotus, Bogota: oxinotus@hotmail.comnew
Titanes Club, Bogota
Club Univalle, Cali
Please contact Carlos Osorio - cgosorio@hotmail.com


See "United Arab Emirates"


Details to follow

Hong Kong

Please contact Howard Wong - howiebru@hk.super.net


No current contact. Former contact Caroline Whorlow - cwhorlo1@mail.arco.com

Flag to follow...

Please contact Stuart Godley - stugodley@hotmail.comnew


Toshi's Underwater Hockey Page
Tokyo: please contact bucsdave@gol.com


Christa Ng from Canada (ccng@ucalgary.ca) was there last summer.
Any contact details?


Please contact Philipp Sonntag - hospmgt@iafrica.com.na

New Zealand
Underwater Hockey New Zealand
NW Underwater
- all underwater sport disciplines

New Zealand Universities Underwater Hockey Council.- web site down?
New Zealand Secondary Schools Underwater Hockeylink updated
Waikato Underwater Hockey Club - http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~aca/wuwh.htm - site dead?
Wellington Underwater Hockey Association.- web site down?
John Stoke's Home Page
CJ's Underwater Hockey Page

Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation - http://www.puhc.net
   email: underwater.hockey@puhc.net

Davao UWH Club (DUHC): email Jovy Aquino - rec-dvo@skyinet.net

Angeles City Underwater Hockey Association
Bacolod Underwater Hockey Team - first UWH web site in the Philippines!
Bacolod contact: Manolito del Castillo - manolito@wbi.ph         

South Africa
Border Undersea Club
University of Pretoria Underwatersport Club, Pretoria.- link defunct
Rhodes University Underwater Club, Grahamstown
SAUU Underwater Hockey - web site down?
Stellenbosch University - Maties - http://www.sun.ac.za/local/campus/sport/uwsc/water.htm - page defunct. Club folded?
Gauteng - was "TUHA" - name updated
Transvaal Underwater Research Group (TURG)
Wits Underwater Club, Johannesburg
Interclubs '98 web site on Donald Orbin's Home Page, Natal
Wayne Van Der Merwe's "Home on the WWW"
United Arab Emirates

Please contact Mohamed Khazragui - mwk333@yahoo.com

Underwater Society of America (USOA)
Uncle Terry's Club Fred
Harry Hsiung's Home Page - everything there is to know about USA UWH
The official web site of U.S. Nationals 2000
The official web site of the 2000 Pacific Coast Championships
CA Chico State Underwater Hockey Team's Home Page
Los Angeles Underwater Hockey: email Steve Herbert - uwhockey@glacd.org
San Diego Underwater Hockey Club Web page
San Diego: Mark Nakamura's Underwater Hockey Page
San Francisco Bay area: Club Puck
Join Club Puck's newsgroup: clubpuck-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
The Santa Rosa Rasta Sharks: email Brian Tucker - hypoxic@pacbell.net
CO Colorado State University Underwater Hockey Club
Denver Rocky Mountain Oysters - new URL
CT Connecticut Underwater Hockey
DC Washington DC: email David Sun - dsun_mail@yahoo.com
DC club mailing list: UwH-DC-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
FL Miami Underwater Hockey, Coconut Grove
Palm Beach Underwater Hockey, West Palm Beach:.home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-pbuh, email: David Andrews - snook01@bellsouth.net
GA Helio Portela da Silva Junior: helioportelajr@hotmail.comnew
HI Honolulu: email Jerard "Ziggy" Jardin - ziggy@soest.hawaii.edu
IL UIUC, Urbana-Champaign - greatly updated
Western Illinois University SCUBA Club - site disappeared
Stephen Hack's Underwater Hockey Page - defunct?
Chicago club: email Tom & Patty Redig - tredig@aol.com
MD Columbia: email Tom Treakle - ttreakle@ship.saic.com
MI Underwater Hockey at Lansing, Michigan
MN Minnesota Underwater Hockey
OH Ohio State's Underwater Hockey Home Page, Columbus - site dead?
Roger Bacon High School, Cincinnati - link updated
Youngstown: Todd - toys4todd@aol.comnew
SC Charleston
TX Underwater Team Arlington - web site dead, team disbanded
Dallas/Fort Worth Bottom Dwellersnew
Dallas/Fort Worth: info c/o Stephen Hack's Underwater Hockey Page
Dallas/Fort Worth: email Brady brady@eaze.net or Kevin k.barnes@bigfoot.com
VA Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
Join the Virginia Tech newsgroup: hockey@listserv.vt.edu
email Daniel Graves (Captain): dgraves@vt.edu
WA Harry Hsiung's Home Page - see above
WI Four Lakes SCUBA Club

Sportalsub Underwater Hockeynew
Casa-UCV clubnew
  Miguel A. Cedeņo O. - maguelito@cantv.netnew

Please also contact Adriana Fortunato - enomis@telcel.net.ve


Please contact Glenn Partington - haap@samara.co.zw.

Grab A Game! North American Edition - updated 30th Apr 2002, please contribute
Who plays where and when in the USA, Canada and Hawaii

Grab A Game! World Edition - updated 10th February 99, please contribute
Who plays where and when outside the UK, Europe and North America

Underwater Hockey Tourist   The Underwater Hockey Tourist
   Chris needs World country page administrators

North American Fixtures on Harry Hsiung's Home Page

World Fixtures - updated 2nd July 99

CMAS - the world governing body

Tas 2000World Championships 2000, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
The official WC2000 web site, last updated 3rd May 2000
Worlds 2000 Webmaster Keith Midson: keith_midson@hotmail.com


Worlds LogoWorld Championships 1998, San Jose, California, USA
The World Championships Web Site

The World Championships playing schedule
World Championships results on Harry Hsiung's Geocities page
The Camporama of the World Web Site
The 1998 Worlds video now available
Other World Championships info on Harry Hsiung's main page

USOA World Championships merchandise on Mark Nakamura's page

World Championships 1996, Durban, South Africa - report c/o Wits, South Africa

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